Singapore area group

Hi there. Radin from Singapore here.Got my goTenna Mesh a week ago and still trying them out.
So anyone from Singapore got them? Lets make a mesh here.

Btw, anyone out there knows how i can increase the signal range? Hope to make a base station out of it. Saw someone in Youtube attached an external antenna from the goTenna mesh.


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Hi R-Man,

Welcome to the community. You can read all about increasing the signal range by following this thread MOAN: Mother Of All Nodes. The person on youTube was probably @gua742 , but there are a few other folks on here that have experience with extending the range. Feel free to browse through some of the threads.

Enjoy your goTennas!


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Welcome @R-Man! You must have a US, Canada or Mexico shipping address as we haven’t started directly shipping to Singapore yet (official certification is coming in late Nov.), but your area looks active on already — either because other Singaporeans who’ve preordered also have forwarding addresses abroad or are just excited and using the map before getting their devices:

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Oh ive already got the item(kickstarter backer) by asking them to foward to
my Comgateway US address then ship it to Singapore; as i cant wait to test


Send us photos of of what must be the first goTenna Mesh devices in action in Singapore! :slight_smile:


Cool! Just got mine in the mail today!

Now that the first units directly shipped to Singapore addresses are arriving, hoping to see more activity here :smile:

I will be leaving a node up near YCK station, hoping that it won’t be blocked by too many of our numerous buildings.

My other unit I’ll be going around sending random shouts - let’s see how big is the SG community!

@danielagotenna could you share what are the rough number of units shipped to Singapore directly?

This is awesome. I just got mine and am so glad to see so many users in Singapore. Am staying at Toa Payoh and will be leaving my set on.

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The # of orders shipped directly to Singapore (so far) is somewhere between 100-200. The # of units would be at least double the orders, as everyone ordered at least 1 pair (2 units). If Singaporeans are anything like our overall customers, about half likely ordered 3+ units (i.e. 1 pair + 1 single or 1 pair + 1 or more extra pairs).

Given all that, let’s assume 150 direct-to-Singapore orders, where 50% of them were for 2 units and 50% of them were for 4 units. So I’d say a fair guess is we shipped 450 Mesh units direct to Singapore. (This of course won’t count people like @R-Man who got their units via mail-forwarding or bought them abroad.)

If anyone among you wants to more actively help build out the goTenna Mesh in Singapore, please fill out our Local Mesh Ambassadors survey:

Just receive my units today. It is a long wait. Finally it is here.

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Hello from Malaysia! Just received my quad pack via my sister who’s coming back from Australia!

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Got mine a few weeks ago. Meshing in Sengkang.

Tested the pair inside a building and the other outside 600 meters away. It also works floor to floor.

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Got it for a few weeks. Apparently, not a lot of goTenna meshers here in Singapore yet.

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