San Francisco / Bay area


I recently got my 2 goTenna mesh’s and tested the range with a friend in downtown San Francisco. Unfortunately we did not get the best results in terms of range, and it barely made it 1 city block, or about 1/8 of a mile. Any one else use it in San Francisco or another major city? How well did yours work?

MOANing in the Bay Area

We’ve had people report anywhere from a few blocks to a quarter or even half a mile point point before in San Francisco proper. It’s just physics, man :slight_smile:


Understood, hopefully range will increase as more people get them in SF!


That’s the idea! :slight_smile: (but also try them out in different areas and from various vantage points in meantime!)


Hi there !
it would be cool if GoTenna could “sponsor” mesh relays in cities in order to offer a decent coverage, a bit like what FlightRadar does (
It could be normal GoTenna’s with a software limitation (not be able to use with the app, for example) that would be placed at some users home to create a good mesh in cities.
I’m thinking of this because, in Paris, that could be cool in case of emergencies (like terror attacks, when normal network is saturated) but it has to be reliable.

That being said, I guess this would cost a lot to the company, so …


Gotenna could sell a pre-packaged (discounted?) powered relay (case, battery, solar, or case, battery, sealed 20 foot USB cable). HINT HINT.

Although we can easily make our own! Use a shout chat to find others. Setup a local users group. Start a gofundme / bitcoin account, take donations, and set it up!


If you want to test it near the Ferry Building, I’ve normally got mine turned on.


Awesome, worth a test! I work on the 37th floor @ 1 Market on Fridays so we should test.


Great, you’re on! I’ll send out a few shouts during the day.


Somone should get access to the roof of 1 Rincon and the towers at Twin Peaks :wink:


@zestuart & @jasonjava did you guys ever test this? :slight_smile:


@danielagotenna no, organisational failure. @JasonJava are you around this Friday (2017-10-07)?


Yes, but will be working from the Google office in 345 Spear St which is a few blocks away from 1 Market, but we can test it out. What building are you in?


I’ve rx/tx a few blocks in Brooklyn. about 2000 ft birds eye worked fine without advantageous elevation or aiming, just casual usage.


Anyone in the South Bay?


I work in Mountain View and live in Santa Clara.


Cool - I work in Sunnyvale and live in Los Gatos. You at Google?


No; switching to direct message.


I’m in the middle of everyone in San Mateo. Say hi while you’re on caltrain passing through, I guess. :slight_smile:


I’m going to San Jose next week, and Redwood City for the weekend if anyone wants to test :slight_smile: Been too nervous to test a shout where I live (near San Ramon).