6 months in, we're going local! Sign up to be a neighborhood ambassador

All, we sent this email out yesterday with this survey link:

Thanks so much for volunteering to learn more! We’ve created a simple survey to understand what you and your community are like and how your area could benefit from a goTenna Mesh network.
We’re going to use your responses to select the first few ambassadors for our immediate pilot campaigns, but over the next months we’ll get to everyone, so please fill it out:
The goal is to partner with people like you to build hyperlocal mesh networks in each of your own communities. Once enough neighborhoods are “meshed up,” they’ll start interconnecting with all the other hyperlocal mesh networks all over the map. One day soon, we’ll marvel at the fact that a parallel people-powered communications network that’s available anywhere, anytime (and isn’t run by ISPs or mobile carriers!) wasn’t always a thing. :slight_smile:
— Daniela & Rahul