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Tampa, Florida, A goTenna Mesh Ambassador City!

Hi everyone!

My name is James, and I discovered goTeanna in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. I read an article in the news about how Puerto Rico citizens were using goTenna Mesh to connect communities without electricity so relief workers could coordinate their efforts. Living in Florida, I also experience the effects of hurricanes, so I immediately saw a need for a mesh network in my city, Tampa.

I bought a pair, convinced a friend of mine to buy a pair, and we built a small mesh network in a square city block to test communication between our office buildings. It worked well and the portability of the Mesh devices made them ideal for quick deployment.

It’s a great idea, and I would love to start building out a system that can cover more substantial and more significant swaths of land. Currently, I’m thinking about ways that we could use rechargeable battery packs or solar chargers to have semi-permanent/permanent goTenna Mesh nodes scattered around the city. I’d also like to look into adding prepaid mobile phones with text message allotments so the mesh network could have cellular text message exit nodes to be able to reach people on cell networks. I want to come up with a standard “node” package that could quickly be built/deployed/maintained for rapid network building.

On a personal front, I’m a systems engineer for a software company in Tampa, and I’m married to a wonderful lady named Anneke (pronounced like “Monica,” but with an A sound instead of an M sound at the beginning"). She fully supports my geeky interests, and we can combine deploying/managing goTenna Mesh nodes and one of our favorite hobbies, Geocaching.

So, that being said, is anyone in the Tampa area interested in helping to Mesh Tampa? It’ll be fun! I promise!




Hey James, welcome to the team! Looking forward to being a part of the program with you.

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Welcome James and all the people in Tampa who will benefit by your work! This is an exciting moment for you and good luck, you’re going to have fun with this while building something with substantial public benefit.

Hurricanes are somewhat of a different threat than tornadoes, blizzards and ice storms in the Midwest (but we should not forget the New Madrid is waiting to let go again), quakes and volcanoes in Seattle, more of that in Anchorage, plus bone-chilling cold inland, and we’re in sort of a somewhat scary lottery for who will find local mesh useful in a disaster situation first. Still, if you end up in the middle of that sort of thing, you’ll be far better off with goTenna Mesh in hand and scattered about your community.


Glad to see there is a mesh network in Tampa. I am adding a node in Relay Mode, in New Tampa on Cross Creek Blvd. I hope more people continue to add nodes.


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