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Anchorage, Alaska, Now a goTenna Mesh Ambassador City

Hey goTenna community users,

I am thrilled to join Mike and George as the newest goTenna Mesh Ambassador. Thank you to Danielle and goTenna for giving me the opportunity to add Anchorage, Alaska as the next #meshmytown city. I am looking forward to sharing my adventures and building our mesh network here in Alaska.

We have been using the goTenna Mesh devices during our adventures over the past year. Most of our adventures here in Anchorage bring us to locations with little to no coverage. It has been amazing to be able to still send messages and location updates to other friends while exploring the backcountry here in Alaska.

I am sure that Anchorage is going to be a perfect addition to the #meshmytown campaign, between the endless opportunities for backcountry adventures and the always present threat of natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes or other weather-related issues) having a full mesh network could prove to be lifesaving. I am excited to promote goTenna Mesh and watch our town’s mesh coverage grow.

We currently have three stationary nodes here in Anchorage and dozens of other Mesh users listed on the NODE MAP. I can’t wait to see the number of stationary nodes and individual users grow as we build a stronger mesh network.


Welcome, D, as a fellow neighborhood ambassador! Looking forward to learning from your experiences in keeping the mesh hot when it’s really cold and gloomy. Let me know if I can help with any advice – it’s a little too far for most anything else :mountain_snow::volcano::mountain_snow::grin: – public or private.

Alaska is on my bucket list, so who know, maybe we’ll get a chance to meet some day?