Houston & Surrounding Houston area Community

Hello everyone Houstonians!!! Just got my Gotenna Mesh and was just curious how many active meshers are in Houston and the surrounding area.

With hurricane season upon us how many of you bought your Gotenna specifically for possible hurricane emergency again?


Welcome. There sure are a lot of pins in Houston on http://imeshyou.com, so there’s bound to be someone here from Houston.


It’ll be great to get this community rolling that way we can prepare for future hurricane emergency preparedness.


Haven’t been to Houston since the late 60s. I’ve heard it’s grown a bit… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The south side down to Galveston is pretty darn flat. Find some tall places to put up some stationary relays and you will be surprised with the reach.

If you’re aiming at hurricanes and recovery from them, consider putting up solar-powered nodes. That’s what we’re doing here, although the threats are tornadoes, snow and ice storms. Good luck and stay cool! :sweat:

You should start having conversations with your neighbors about Mesh! If there interested, let us know. We’ll see what we can do to support getting your community Meshed and ready potential hurricane emergencies.


I’m getting my father in law interested. He’s from Calgary, so he travels up there for work and to sometimes travel way north where there’s no cell reception.

I also have friends that live near downtown in high rise condos where they have access to the roof top. I need to get them to set up a relay.

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Would anyone in Houston be willing to plan a day of “Gotenna Mesh Testing”?

I was thinking about scheduling a day or two to test how well our meshing works in Houston.

Does this sound like something any of you in Houston might be willing to test out?