Wow! Already So Many Mesh's Near Me

I just went an looked at the map and was very surprised to see a number of goTenna Mesh’s close to where I live. I’m in an island area way off on the edge of the US so am pretty shocked to see so many already on the map. Great job to all at goTenna and I look forward to bouncing off of some of the others nearby.



Very cool! Whereabouts are you, generally speaking? “An island area way off the edge of the US” sounds like Hawaii to me! :wink: Aloha perhaps?

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Is every node on the map a real mesh unit? How many Mesh units have you shipped already? It seems like there were quite a few on the map the first time I came to this site. Maybe I am just jealous that I am still awaiting mine:grinning:

@Turnerb a lot of them were placed by people during our preorder campaign so not all of these = shipped units. I don’t know the exact number but I do know that we are about 1/4 through U.S & Canada orders and will speed up this week onward now that manufacturing has been more derisked and supply chain generally is greased-up and ready to move faster :slight_smile: (All U.S. & Canada orders are shipping by end of Aug)

File this under Cool things I’ve discovered on recently but how awesome is Singapore? It might be the first nation to be covered in goTenna Mesh nodes:


I looked into living in Hawaii, my wife and I settled on closer to the mainland. We are north of Seattle.


@AMcL I just added a solar powered GoTenna mesh relay node on Lopez island. If you haven’t already setup a permanent relay and added it to the map, please do.