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Hi Everyone!

My name is JD and I live in Virginia. I’m checking in to see if we have any Virginians in the community and best practices when setting up nodes at a low-cost. I currently have one node where I live in hopes for others to follow or benefit from it. I’m looking to order some more personally and professionally in the near future due to my background in Emergency Management and Special Response Team. I also love to camp and travel stateside and abroad. My overall goal and objective are to see my community set up with a mesh and then my county. I see potential in communication and I’m sure all of you do as well. Mesher for life!

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Welcome, JD, glad to see new members and hope you find the mesh community helpful.

It’s a long read by now, but I cover many of your interests in my thread on building a mesh network here in Urbana, IL.

Hey JD,

In Virginia Beach. I have a couple units. Haven’t set anything up for relay yet but would like to see the area grow to that.

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Hello JD. I also have a background with response teams, I was with DMAT CA-9 for 20 years, last assignment as Safety Officer. I have 8 units that are now available to a new home as I have retired. Last use was when we were deployed to Puerto Rico for hurricane Maria. All are in excellent shape with minimal use. Contact me if you might be interested.

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When you say 8 units, do you mean straight units or MOANs?

In Williamsburg. I have a straight node up but am trying to get help with building a MOAN. I need the soldering points. There is a lot of conflicting information here.

Standard GoTenna mesh.