Philadelphia Region - Central Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA


Just set up a pair of GoTenna Mesh. One Always-on Stationary Relay in Chalfont, PA.


Excellent! I hope the Mesher in Warrington posts on this thread. Let’s get some relays set up between you guys!


I am just south west of you. Mobile node, maybe a stationary mode if gotenna sells some naked units sometime soon.


Do you have a stationary relay setup in mind? If you did have a naked Mesh?


Are you marked on the imeshyou map? I think it’s important to develop the community around us to add value to these great gadgets.


Yeah adding external antenna, throwing it on the radio shed and wiring it to my always on power with deep cell batteries and solar chargers. I run a bunch of digital nodes and APRS stuff that’s always on already.


No not marked on the map and don’t plan to. For now the gotenna is just that - a gadget. Until we have a way to see who is connected it will remain just that.

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Sounds like a good plan! If you haven’t already taken a look trough this thread, give it look. We may not have naked units but you can certainly crack what open to get started.

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I’ve been following the thread. Once there is USB API I might do something with it. I have spare gotennas and can spare a raspi or 2.

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