Stationary Relay

So I have had the V1 for a while. And to be honest i have not used it much. I have also ordered the mesh. I hike and hunt a lot so the need for the mesh and the need for communication is there. But again just have not used it much.
But my question is more about stationary relay. I have 4 of these devices. And am thinking about setting up one or 2 as a relay. May even purchase more if they work like I hope they do.
But some of the question are how do you go about doing this. Do you have to set them up on the app first and then configure them some where? Can I switch them between stationary relay and connected to phone to move around? Where is some good reading on all the possiblities and uses for these devices?

Yay. Join the ongoing discussion on this topic here in this other thread:

I am working on it! Tonight’s progress…


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