Are there any plans for a relay station?

It is been almost four years since the kick starter campaign for version two. Could you guys create another kick starter campaign for a relay station. I think a dedicated relay station will really compliant version two and truly create a mesh network. Something super easy where all you have to do is plug it in and forget about. Come on goTenna!!!


Yes!!! This is very much needed!


A solar powered panel, with a gtm embedded in the center. One could attach the panel on the inside/outside of the window and this is it.

Plus: the whole device should not be more than usd 50…


I like the idea if it had an improved antenna. Would it be relay only or a fully functional node?

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And the pannel should also act as a corner antenna and a battery of 20000 mAh always on must be embedded in the panel.


I’d be happy if it were powered with 24vAC over wire.
Use a Jameco Reliapro MGT2450P $20 wall transformer and a pair of 16 gauge wire. Solar could provide that but Solar should be optional since it would drive the price up. A Class 2 wall transformer at 24vAC would not require electrical inspection to install it (without violating anybody’s fire insurance). The relay unit would be accessible over WiFI so it can be configured. I’d give it a 2" U-clamp mount which could mount it on a mast, or hang the relay on a wall with the clamp left out, and use a pair of 2" deck screws to bolt it into a wall.