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New Jersey Users - Sound Off Here

I’m in Sayreville, NJ here. Was hoping to see who else in NJ is meshing. Post up a comment with where you are located in NJ.


Ringwood NJ here, and I see lots of others on the map in the app.


You see others on the map in the app? I don’t. Only by going to imeshyou and those are static.

Have you done any NJ shout testing? Looks like we do have a good handful of users with nodes placed!

I have and unfortunately nobody answers. :frowning:
I’m doing my part. (Trying to at least)

I am also willing to work with my town to get them lit up if I can sell the idea.

The problem is the static map on imeshyou might have old entries. I see at least three that I put up and are not there. The map looks great but outdated in it’s current state. Maybe you need to save the relay nodes and clear out the mobile nodes once a month or so and let people re-add them? Just a thought.


I have 3 nodes up, two in NJ and one in Philly. I’d recommend adding contact info to your stationary nodes on the map so people can contact you and see if they are still active.

This is the Phily area group I started.

and my contact info


That’s a good idea. I’m kind of bummed here though in the fact that I don’t have the spare money to lay out to build out the GoTenna Mesh Network. More relays would be good for all of us. I get that. I’m just not seeing any assistance from the company (financially) to help us do that right now. I don’t mind expanding on the idea and the technology and I think it’s got a lot of potential but right now I have 4 units that I’ve had mixed results on and not one response to a shout from anyone other than my own nodes since day one. That’s regardless of whether I am at home in central NJ or at my office in Downtown Manhattan. Don’t take this message the wrong way…the people at GoTenna have been wonderful and very responsive. I’m just being honest that right now I am of the feeling that I’m on an island on my own with my 4 nodes and that’s all I should pretty much expect moving forward to avoid being disappointed.

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Sign up for the ambassador program! Discounts and more for communities — @anon62894636 can share more :slight_smile:

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I already signed up but was under the impression that you weren’t accepting anyone further at this time.

Thanks for signing up! As we get our wheels spinning on the initial Ambassador program launch, we’ll have the chance to review our submissions for the next stages of the program. We’d love to help as many communities as possible but we definitely need to learn what works first.

The response to the program has been incredible. I’m very excited to see what our Ambassadors can accomplish and see how goTenna can continue to support local efforts.


As of Aug 4 2018:
Very recently rec’d our 2 replacement GTMs from the recent FW change, also bought 2 more. FWIW, all have the new FW, and I have one in relay mode hanging in our attic and plugged into an AC outlet up there. I have concerns about privacy and am hesitant to pinpoint my exact location on the web. However, I’m almost right on the border of Morris Cty and Essex Cty, about 1 mile NNE of Exit 4 of I-280.
Based on the imeshyou map, and testing within our neighborhood by simply walking around and texting someone back at home, the map shows no other meshers near enough to make use of our GTMs. My original tests with our original GTMs reached about 1/2 mile. Haven’t done any testing with the one in relay mode; not looking for notoriety; simply doing a small part to expand the network.
With no concrete or discernible benefit near home, we use our GTMs when we travel.

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The key is getting the word out about the mesh. You can start by building a local community page on Facebook and explaining the benefits of having GTM devices. Then share with your neighbors and such and help get them to buy into the idea that not only are these good for out of the way communications (off the grid) but also a great solution during times of emergency like flooding or power outages as they are not dependent on commercial power OR cellular services OR internet service. Just need to be able to recharge them once every 8 to 10 hours.
I have a 5500 watt generator but also have lots of 15k and 20kmah batteries so we can charge devices even without power.


Hay, Majestic! I just saw this. I’m, in Freehold, looking to connect with local users. Anyone else, see me???

Hi, Majestic~ Glad to know you! I am in Central NJ, too. I have phones but, haven’t tried to use them, because (until now) I couldn’t find another local user.

I grew up in Clinton, Hunterdon County, I live in Utah now but all my fam is still scattered about NJ an I return to visit every summer. Mom and dad in Clinton an a brother in Jersey City an uncle in NYC an another uncle in Caldwell.