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Stationary Relay up and running in Hong Kong. Any other mesh users in Hong Kong? goTenna wouldn’t respond to my email about Hong Kong shipping so I just shipped to a friend in another country and then had them ship it to me here. Stay safe out there.

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Wishing you well in a tense situation.

Looks like a few more nodes went up recently. I’m sure there are more, but people are likely cautious about posting up under the circumstances.

I read an article about Bluetooth wifi mesh being used in HK, but it suggested that this was some sort of open source mesh that was being used. I’ve seen references to various components on Chinese websites selling various electronic parts and boards. Sometimes this refers to 433 mHz or to combinations like 433/868/915Mhz WiFi, with 915 mHz being in the ISM band like goTenna Mesh uses.

What’s striking about this to me is that the components of these 433/868/915Mhz WiFi systems are probably all produced in China. It’s probably just speculation, because I know little more about this than I read in the article, but this might present certain vulnerabilities to use in HK and advantages to those who wish to monitor such traffic.

That said, a combination network that used both the Bluetooth wifi and goTenna protocols would be more secure than relying entirely on one system as the discontinuities created by the jumps between systems tend to sharply impede efforts to monitor or block such transmissions.

Thank you for sharing that with me. Mixed use of technology approach for natural disasters, etc. seems to definitely be the best approach.

Good on you for running a relay.

If you need any more GTM, check out Openbazaar

Discounts for ppl living in HK

Another company has emerged in China to develop gotenna-like devices. Current products not only support sending text information and location information, but also support sending voice information and route information. The most important thing is that it can use the Beidou satellite system of China as a repeater to send text information beyond the visual range, that is to say, it can send text information across continents. The unit price of the product is about $70. It’s also a good choice.

Something I think would be really useful is adding goTenna Mesh support to something like a fork of Manyverse App Scuttlebutt social network which already supports bluetooth and Wifi.

You can buy it from amazon with direct delivery… which district can find relay in Hong Hong island?