INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)

Hello all! I’m Kameron, based out Southern California & I’m a hardcore prepper :smile:
Been interested in setting up a large mesh across my community for when the grid goes down. Currently trying to find a step by step guide on how to:
1st: Mod the antenna on the standard GoTenna for medium range
2nd: Build a MOAN, what ever the costs for extended range


Hi, my name is Greg. I’m a researcher and data analyst - and sometimes an erratic writer. I’m a musician (Atmospheric Ambient Electronica). I’m into crypto currencies and blockchain technology. I’m an advocate for the Scientific study (CSETI, SETI etc) of UFO’s and Extra-terrestrial phenomena, after I saw UFO’s with my own eyes many times. I’m into the SSP and Blue Sphere Alliance. My degree background is in Physics and Mathematics. I taught for a few years but have left that now. I’ve travelled and lived abroad extensively. Home is in New Zealand. I found out about goTenna Mesh networking in one of my Telegram groups. It was recommended to check it out. I’m still learning about it all. How it works? What’s it all about? and what do I have to do? It will take some time but I find it interesting. Thanks for having me here :slight_smile: . Greg | scorpinz


My name is Chris. I was an original owner of V1 goTenna, then went to Beartooth (that was a fiasco), and have been wanting MESH for a while now. Bought some today from REI (25% off sale). I have access to ATAK and will be playing with MESH on that (think it still works). Really want the Pro version but need a good reason and the cash. Right now using MESH while camping and as part of my PACE Comm Plan for my family. Really like the MOAN idea and some of the commercial systems out there now. I am Emergency Management person in private industry but was a local and federal medical responder for years prior.


Hallo everyone,
I am Andre Eksteen, call sign ZR1E, from South Africa. We operate anti-poaching units and are also involved in wildlife rescue operations.
Communications is always an challange with little cellular covarage in the arias we deploy so that makes us gery relient on our Ham radio systems.
I am looking at mesh networking as a way to utilise non HAM people. We are using AREDN Mesh, but that is difficult to deploy and not cellphone friendly.


Hi Andre,

My name is James, Ham callsign KH2SR. I have used gotenna mesh with dozens of non hams over many miles of mixed terrain. They are very effective, especially if you setup solar powered relay units on mountains, hill tops and/or tall trees, buildings or other tall structures.

I’ve personally achieved 29.6 mile point to point comms using gotenna mesh with no relay in between while on a mountain top.

I also recommend installing permanent relay units in/on each vehicle. You can either hang them from the rear view mirror or put them inside a waterproof case with solar panel mounted using magnets on top of the car roof.

Gotenna mesh is very easy for non technical users to learn. I highly recommend it.

Check out these other discussions on solar powered relay units as well as modifying them to have high gain external antennas:

Hi James (KH2SR),

Thank you for the information and guidance. We have been using a AREDN Mesh network for quite a while now, but it has one big drawback in that it is only accessible by fellow HAMs. I was looking for a mesh network that is fast to deploy during a disaster and easy to access by non HAMs using normal communication tools like cellular phones. I will be looking into linking one of the gotenna nodes to a VHF radio that will allow the mesh to talk directly to first respondents in our group who are on the 2m band.

Regards and 73 from ZR1E

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I am here because of bitcoin, you’ll find me on twitter at @DuncanI85589090

I have plugged in and put in relay mode my goTenna out on my porch on the second floor - is this a workable setup and can I leave it there indefinitely? It has a weather box around the 110 outlet and the goTenna, USB micro cable, and USB adapter all fit in there.

How do you self report your node without giving away your home address? I’m staying anon

Thanks for your reply!

Welcome! sounds like a good setup for running a relay node. Because you are self reporting, you can place your pin on the imeshyou map anywhere nearby, it doesn’t have to be your actual location.

Thanks for contributing to the network.

Since you are interested in Bitcoin, you should check out our incentive protocol Lot49 which is described on the Global Mesh Labs web site. :slight_smile:

I remember seeing the gotenna version one on kick starter and I thought it sounded really cool. I really had no purpose for the device because, I had a cell phone that worked well outside. My family is now old enough to have cell phones and while at a family outing at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, we did not have cell phone coverage while using Sprint (myself and girls) and T-mobile (Wife). So I started looking around and found version two of the product. I purchased the items and plan on returning to Fiesta Texas to communicate with the family when we get separated.


Hi Jay,
Welcome to the mesh. If you like to hike, you’ll find them pretty useful.

I haven’t used the Garmin system, so can’t directly compare. The mesh works pretty quickly, in fact almost instantaneously if yours are the only two around and they are working directly between each other. If you’re someplace where there’s a mesh network available, it may take a minute or so to get a confirmation back when it hops across a few nodes, but generally takes less than a minute.

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but have a pen pal who lives on the North Island who I met through a mutual interest in model trains.

Yeah, you’re going to enjoy much faster messaging, although I’d guess that InReach has a long range, what with a satellite and all to help.

Once you’ve got an idea of what the individual units can do, adding more gives significant advanatges. You can then leave one in a high location to provide better range by using the hopping feature.

As for the caravan, if the roof is metal it provides impressive performance. I have one mounted in an old plastic pickle jar that I added a magnet to the jar lid and painted it green to match the truck. More on this in my Urbana thread.

If you want to lend them out, Unpair them first (in Settings), have your friends get the App on their phone then you can have them Pair to them. Same thing in reverse, plus all your data should be memorized in the App.

Join our Facebook group for Charlotte:

Hi, I’m new to the goTenna community. I live in Williamsburg, VA and plan to set up a relay node in the next 30 days or so, once I’ve had a chance to experiment a little. I’ll eventually transition to a MOAN, once I find someone who can help with adding the SMA connector. I’ve seen the images and the descriptions on the forum, but I really need a good step-by-step description with images.

Hi shadock, I’m an IT engineer from Paris too. I was thinking about buying the goTenna for me and all my family but I would like to see it in action before buying it…
Are you available for a demonstration?

Hey there - I’m a goTenna user, I like to remain incognito but I can say I’m an eastcoast user, love data science, coding, Cryptography and enjoy all sorts of technology! Drop me a line!

Same here. I am from Romania, interested in setting up a self powered relay.

Thanks in advance for you oppinions.

Bitcoiner, Husband, Dad
Practicing architect but also techy hobbyist contributing to open source projects focused on privacy.
As a dad of 2 young girls I’m mainly here learning how to build a private communication network for them and their friends as they get old enough to have mobile devices.
Really excited thinking of the possibilities with gotenna and other open source collaborations.
Happy to lend a hand where needed.

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Exploring different ways to practice secure/private communications and learn as much as possible along the way. Based out of Chicago and curious to know if anyone is working towards an Ambassador Program in Chicago so that I can contribute as much as I can!

Hi :wave:
You may start in the #regional-groups area. There is a Chicago thread there/