INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


Hello all! I’m Kameron, based out Southern California & I’m a hardcore prepper :smile:
Been interested in setting up a large mesh across my community for when the grid goes down. Currently trying to find a step by step guide on how to:
1st: Mod the antenna on the standard GoTenna for medium range
2nd: Build a MOAN, what ever the costs for extended range


Hi, my name is Greg. I’m a researcher and data analyst - and sometimes an erratic writer. I’m a musician (Atmospheric Ambient Electronica). I’m into crypto currencies and blockchain technology. I’m an advocate for the Scientific study (CSETI, SETI etc) of UFO’s and Extra-terrestrial phenomena, after I saw UFO’s with my own eyes many times. I’m into the SSP and Blue Sphere Alliance. My degree background is in Physics and Mathematics. I taught for a few years but have left that now. I’ve travelled and lived abroad extensively. Home is in New Zealand. I found out about goTenna Mesh networking in one of my Telegram groups. It was recommended to check it out. I’m still learning about it all. How it works? What’s it all about? and what do I have to do? It will take some time but I find it interesting. Thanks for having me here :slight_smile: . Greg | scorpinz