GoTenna Mesh Class at Porcupine Freedom Festival

Saw the news about txTenna. Very interesting. I’ll be giving a class on mesh networking, GoTenna Mesh features and usage, at - a festival in New Hampshire that draws a few hundred crypto, decentralization types. Each attendee of the class will leave with a GoTenna Mesh. The event is at a campground that always has spotty internet access (on a fee wifi) and limited cellular carrier connectivity.

Seems like a perfect non-disaster use case and test bed - I plan on running a few test once the network is deployed. I’ll definitely tell everyone about Samourai, but if a version supporting txTenna is available by June 19th I can make sure class attendees download and try it out in the wild.

I’d be interested in any support from GoTenna and Samourai. :smiley:


Ccing @TDevD from Samourai.

From goTenna, how many units? (We sell in pairs.) we could give you a bulk discount if you buy em all at once!


That sounds great. I’ll have numbers soon and will direct message to discuss. I’m hoping to get a few dozen signed up and a dozen or so more bringing their units. We also are aiming to deploy a LibreMesh network as well.

Thanks for cc’ing samourai, I downloaded the app today. Sending Btc over GoTenna Mesh sounds fun, and totally agree with the goals of resilient, robust, decentralized alternatives for broadcasting currency transactions.


Do you have a link to your class signup?

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Are you planning to attend? Is anyone else planning to go?

The class went well.

I had 16 participants and an additional 2 there to learn and 2 who already know about goTenna.

We paired all the devices and then played around with the features. Then I gave a talk on mesh networking and how I see it fitting into my community.

Later in the week I lead a discussion solely on integrating mesh technology into our community, why, how, should we?, etc. We had a good time.

I invite anyone interested in decentralization to attend the Porcupine Freedom Festival, Liberty Forum, Free State Blockchain Decentralized Assets Conference, Freecoast Festival, ForkFest, or any other individualist/decentralization festivals and conferences here in New Hampshire.


This is excellent! Any chance some (or all :grin:) of your participants joined the community here?



Came down from Trois-Rivières to attend Porcfest and took the class. Really interested in the hardware hacking and custom payload aspect of the devices.

I’ll be around!


Wicked good time! I’ll be around Manchester, Concord, and Lake W doing some range testing next week. Hit me up or feel free to respond. Doing a fieldday :slight_smile:

I’m in Manchester and down to mesh. I mapped out our tests in Berlin. I’d expect with the less dense city, straight streets, and being in a valley, we could get much better distances in Manchester than Berlin.


This looks pretty good for .5w in an urban area!


We were limited by obstruction, not the radio. I think it Manchester we’d be limited by the radios, so limited by the mesh hops.