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INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)

Welcome to goTenna Mesh Community! :tada:

What brought you to goTenna Mesh? How are you helping (or planning to help) build the world’s first people-powered mesh network! Drop some science about yourself.

(P.S. If you landed on first and haven’t yet seen — please visit! Add your goTenna Mesh nodes to the Network Map and discover others near you and around the world!)


I’m Daniela, goTenna co-founder. I’m a big believer in bottom-up systems, whether we’re talking political action or, yes, mesh networks. I believe the future of infrastructure is distributed and bottom-up because by decentralizing fundamental facilities and systems, you increase scale, resiliency, and access. At goTenna, I’m obviously focused on connectivity which I see as the keystone of society’s core systems.

I’m here to learn from all of you because this mesh network is yours — and I can’t wait to see what you create!!


Hello everyone. I am Rahul Subramany. I love good food, fun people & football (also called soccer).
My aim is to allow people to communicate & remain connected anywhere they are, regardless of towers, satellites, wifi etc. goTenna Mesh is a huge leap forward, taking us closer towards this goal.


I’m Sterling. I’m from St. Louis, MO. I’m a ham. I’m still waiting for my Mesh, but I bought a pair to see how goTenna can help the amateur radio community and for experimenting with this new communication idea on hikes and float trips far from cell service and ham radio repeaters.


I’m Richard. I’m here because I just got my units and think this is one of the best things going on in the tech world. I’ve been dreaming of grassroots mesh network alternative to the Internet this since 1997 (was early adopter of Richochet) when I lived in SF. It’s way cool and important on many different levels. So glad that Daniela and her team created GoTenna! Glad to see their success. I work in broadcasting and can help get some coverage of this on KTLA and other Tribune Media stations.


I’m Jared. Been a certified HAM operator for years. Love computers/tech and the outdoors. Love the idea of mesh networking for communications and emergency operations. I am part of an emergency response group and have supported my local search and rescue group. I have a drone as well - the idea of having a drone lift one of these mesh units up is epic!!! I ordered 4 - don’t have yet (a little sad it isn’t here yet - I know good stuff takes time tho!), but am looking forward to it!!!


Hi, I’m Erin, an American-Brazilian living between São Paulo and New York. Really, really into outdoors travel and have been a close follower of the GoTenna story.


Hi, my name is Mark and I live in Texas. Been a following of the Gotenna story and backer of both products launched to date. Waiting on my 3 mesh devices and I can’t wait to receive in the mail. Looking forward to being part of this great community and learning from everyone use and experience. Mesh away!


I’m Aaron and residing in Arkansas. I’ve been a ham for 20+ years and enjoy digital communication formats. The Mesh network is an amazing idea and I am hoping this device really shows its ability. I haven’t received my units yet and I was one of the first to support the goantenna this company previously entered into the market with. I currently have and test all the competitors brands for ease of use, battery usage time, encryption etc. Feel free to connect and share concepts and ideas.


Hello, I’m Gabriel, I work and live in Seattle, WA as an EMT. Living in this great city I fill most of my free time hiking/Camping at one of our many national forest, going to crowed stadium concerts, and taking a short drive to our friends to the north, Canada. In all these situations I find myself with out the ability to contacts my friends I’m with. I hope to us the pair of gotenna meshs I order awhile back ago so that I can not only contribute to Mesh Nectwork, for I plan on keeping at least one on as a stationary node in my place in downtown. But I want the pease of mind that in the even of any emergency I can send/ receive messages. Being an EMT I must be prepared for many types of emergencies. I that’s why I am chooseing to be apart of the Mesh. I think now I have to slowly start buying these for everyone on my immediate family. Lol
I just can’t wait for my pair to arrive, can’t wait to test it out. :slight_smile:


I’m James, I reside in Arizona and have worked in the cellular communication industry for over ten years and would love nothing more than for the people to have more control over their means of communication. I am also wanting to get into ham radios so anyone of you hams out that would like to point me in the direction of reputable forums/communities I would greatly appreciate it. Other than that I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my family. I am excited for a technology like GoTenna mesh and hope that it continues to grow.


Local Ham clubs in your area would be best to start. Should be easily locatable by a web search. They usually have monthly meetings. You would really enjoy the newer digital communications formats. It’s amazing what people are doing with these amazing formats.



Hi all! I’m a proud owner of both goTenna products (used v1 at the beach and hiking; also was a goTenna Mesh beta tester – the devices are great, for those of you still waiting to get yours).

I’m based in D.C. and am interested in the power of mesh in the long-run potentially as it relates to blockchain applications. Very happy to be part of the first community.


Hi, I live north of Seattle and enjoy the outdoors whenever I can. Many areas I go to have poor to no cellular (ATT) connectivity. I really liked the gen 1 goTenna and jumped at the Mesh on Kickstarter because I’m in a mountainous and wooded area which limits Point to Point. Where I live is also a tourist location. I hope to help others visiting or local who have goTenna’s by being a relay.

I work for a top tech company. On my free time do things to help the local community including CERT, youth programs/sports, and philanthropies. I will be presenting to the very active local ham radio club on goTenna Mesh after I receive mine.



I’m Joe. I’m a former outdoor rec professional and gear junky. I’m based out of Brooklyn, New York but regularly do trips in the Upper Peninsula, Boundary Waters, Sierras, Adirondacks, and Uinta and Wasatch ranges. I’ll keep a stationary node at my apartment in Brooklyn, but will have devices on me while trail running and fishing throughout the US & Canada.


I’m Noah, I’m a product support specialist. I actually became a goTenna employee after using v1 and was shocked to learn goTenna was actually a neighbor here in New York City. I am super excited for the Mesh as we can begin expanding our range just by powering on our units. I’ve been a HAM (KD2ARW) for years so this is a very exciting technology to see reach the consumer market sans license.

These are exciting times and I look forward to all of your creations!


I’m Brett. I live in Philly and may have some stationary nodes set up here, but I mainly bought it for outdoors, as I love fly fishing and it sometimes takes me to places where cell signal doesn’t exist. Also, after I ordered, I was taking my son skiing this past winter and he got hurt. Thankfully, he ended up being fine, but I had no idea he was at first aid because they couldn’t call me on the mountain. Scary to think about if he had been hurt more seriously.


I am George, I’ve been helping GoTenna out doing GoTenna Mesh Beta/Alpha testing and extreme range testing. I am here to help the rest of the team answer questions you may have about GoTenna Mesh. I work in healthcare (doing research), am an avid skydiver, outdoor adventurer, communications geek, and a HUGE supporter of GoTenna Mesh.


Right on Gabriel! I am an EMT also, let me know if you need help on any of your Washington State CBT’s (I am an EMS evaluator). Please feel free to add me on facebook:

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