Urbana, Illinois, Now a goTenna Mesh Ambassador City!

A couple of bits as the world turns snowy outside…

Since I’m in the process of testing daily use of my personal goTenna Mesh at a project I’m working on during the week, I decided to list this site as an area node, sj39arlkzhp. It’s a couple of blocks from 2 other area nodes and about six blocks east of another area node on Michigan. I keep it on during the day and give out a test shout from time to time, but it goes home with me at night. If you’re around the area when the sun is shining (up above the clouds anyway) during the workweek, you might hear me. Say hi:grin:

This site is only a temporary node home until my work on this project is done. We have friends a block over who we hope to persuade to host a stationary node, though, in part because that’s the highest place in that spot of town.

The prototype node shack rolled off the assembly line late today. It is a Harbor Freight Apache 1800 waterproof case (painted whte) and has a Voltaic 2 W solar panel.

Housed inside is a Voltaic V15 battery pack and a goTenna Mesh in relay mode…

For now I’m leaving the foam inside in place, with cutouts to hold things in place. Not much heat generated inside, I suspect, so the foam may help moderate temps on all but the hottest days, but it will be s few months before that gets tested, don’t ya know?