Chicago, Illinois


Anyone in the Chicago area? I send a shout a couple times a day from Itasca and sometimes from Inverness, but no replies.


Yes. Have you looked at the gotenna map? There seems to be a small group of nodes in Northbrook. Maybe they’re UL folks?


I live in the Barrington area. I wouldn’t have a prayer of contacting those guys. There are a couple of users a few miles from me on the map, but I have little faith of reaching them at our distance.

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I work in Waukegan - my device is on up there 9-5 Mon-Fri.

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So sparse.
I can’t wait for more people to set up nodes and to get my first shout answered. :slight_smile:


I live in the Naperville area and have a 24/7 node up and running.


Elmhurst, IL here. Appear to be 2 other nodes in town here as well. Haven’t attempted my first shout yet (just installed tonight) but I’m looking forward to connecting with others in the area.


Set up a stationary node downtown this evening. Crazy that I appeared to be only the second one in the Chicago loop!


I set up a relay in my home in Shorewood. KB9YYW


Hi. New user in Chicago. No clue what I’m doing. Will set up a stationary node once I get the hang of things.


Hi, new here too! #FirstTimeMesh but also have plans to set up a stationary unit here in 60048.


I would like to try and get more of the Chicago Loop/Lakefront area meshed. Have a relay node at home and plan to put one at work. Does anyone know what our coverage map would look like? I saw a few on the Seattle, Washington thread and was wondering how they figured that out.


In Urbana, I’ve been using this online app, with this being one example.
UMESH 1 coverage

You input location and height above ground level and it will do a fairly accurate depiction of where you can expect coverage.

It seems to take into account buildings as well as terrain, a desirable feature in Chicago. That aspect of modeling isn’t very challenging here in Urbana, though, but I expect you can give it a good workout if that is what I suspect is at work.

A well-placed node at a significant height can do the job of several that are placed near ground level, They can also provide links to networks building up in nearby neighborhoods. Once the improved firmware goes into general release with it’s higher max hop count, this sort of location will make it possible to really be able to reach out.


@MrTSolar shared a few tools a while ago that helped create the coverage maps for Seattle!

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I’m in Chicago, Edgewater area, but I’m still waiting for my devices to arrive. On the far North there are so few devices.


Nelson, did your devices arrive? I’m in your neighborhood, and considering just plugging a node in my home.

I live in a frame house, and could connect to a friend inside from three blocks away in the street.

I lost connection when entering a brick building.


Hi Robin, they did arrive, I’ve sent a few shouts but haven’t heard anything back. I’ll try again soon. I’m near Thorndale and Broadway.

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Ill revive an older post. :slight_smile:

I’m in Schiller Park, and just picked up a bunch of devices for a trip I have coming up in March. I just turned on a relay at the house. Figured ill leave it on for now and see what happens, I wish there was a way to see how many times it was hit as a relay.


Not sure how old this is but I just got a couple mesh units and I’m in aurora/ Naperville area and I don’t see or get any of my shouts answered . We should all unite and get some good range lol


I was also thinking of building one of this moan boxes to help get some range so I can reach people I think it would be cool . And if cell service or anything happens we would have some kind of back up to communicate with people