Portland, Oregon

Didn’t see an existing group for Portland, so I’m making it!

Just got my 2-pack of mesh nodes today and set one up as a dedicated relay, and will probably carry the other one around with me.

I see you all out there on the map! Who are you? :slight_smile: Looks like we could use a bit more network density…


I’ll be ordering mine soon! Stoked see the network growing so quickly!

I just got a 4 pack on the Black Friday sale. Have been trying from home (Bethany/N Beaverton) and work (downtown Beaverton) and have not gotten a shout back from anyone. A bit anti-climactic so far! Anyone nearby?

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“Nearby” is relative. Forest Grove. Just got a handful of devices and have started playing with them. Am in town semi-frequently.

I’m happy to test if you are in the area

FWIW, I was atop the roof of the Lloyd Center parking structure at 9am this morning, and tried a shout. Crickets. I think it’s a lot to hope for that people who got the devices for remote and/or emergency use would keep them on day-to-day. Or even if they were on, be paying close attention to the app if it was running.

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I just got a pair. I’m in NE near the airport. I’m thinking I’ll keep one on and charging to support the network.

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It’s good you were up high, but the results of your Shout aren’t too surprising. Shouts do not mesh and go only direct to users within range of your unit without the aid of any relays that may be present.

In anticipation of emergency needs, the best thing you can do is to establish a few folks in your Contacts list. Mesh is set up to primarily reach contacts known to the user. While Shouts sound like they could be a lot like conventional radios, they’re so limited in power that without the mesh they’re not powerful enough to reach all those potentially interested in replying to you.