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Phoenix, Arizona

Just received my 4-pack and getting set up. I am considering a relay node at my home in Ahwatukee. There are a lot of nodes popping up on the map throughout the valley so I know you’re out there. In fact I was surprised to see there was no regional group here. Well now there is. Where are my fellow zonies?


I’m located in Northeast Phoenix around Tatum and Greenway. I’m glad to see other people in Phoenix.


Howdy, I’m new and located near Queen Creek and Higley in Gilbert. Getting educated so doing a lot of reading.

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I’m located in Sun City, as far northwest as you can go without passing the 303. Planning on buy 4 at a time every few months to set up relays around My area. The main streets are el mirage Rd and 107th ave.

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Located in Scottsdale around Pima and Via De Vantura. Ping me so I can test range better.
I would also like to incurage users add an update date to there node so people have some kind of idea when and how long the node has been avalible. There are growing consurns of phantom Nodes on the Node map since there is no way to verify a node is active.

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We are near E Greenway Pkwy & N Scottsdale Rd

Nice! I’m out in the East Valley and I have a perm node setup! Always on. Hopefully we can get the whole Valley full of nodes!

I have my repeater setup at 64th Street and Greenway. It is able to reach the north side of the Kierland Golf Course and areas in the Westin Kierland. It also provides some coverage along Greenway until almost 56th Street.

Edit: It is on the map as “Kierland”. Sunday I’ll set the other one back up at Tatum and Greenway that is on the map as “Santiago”. Those two nodes are able to relay between each other for a pretty cool coverage area.