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Build a mesh empire in Chicago

I have been a mesh (goTenna) user and believer for several years now and own 6 devices for myself to lend to others or to use as relays. Unfortunately, I do not see a wide adoption in the Chicago Loop area which is the area that I believe would benefit the most from a strong network. When I try to socialize the idea I get a bunch of blank stares and folks have no idea what I am talking about. The biggest response I get is “why would I want to purchase another device when I can just text since I have to have my phone anyway.” I try hard but people just do not want to be on board or they want the network to expand before they get on board not realizing that if they made the jump that is the way to start the expansion.

Long story short, I would like to hear from all of those interested in the Chicago area. I would also like to hear from anyone/anywhere for your success stories in building strong mesh networks in your area. I want to get as many folks in Chicago involved as possible but marketing, socializing, advertising the benefits is very difficult in the city. Even though there are many high rises that have terrible cell coverage or is a great city for disaster planning and having more relays, devices, and even better subscribers in the city would be awesome. I would like to start up a Meetup if that makes sense and when we can, organize some discussions over a beer maybe. Please help!

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Not in Chicago but in South Bend, would be willing to travel (after COVID) or meet remote, and would love to help extend a mesh network.

I think your best bet for this would be to either become an amateur radio operator, or join a local radio club. At least there you will have others who are interested in emergency communications.

In the Chicago land area would love to help expand the network as well.

Dear Lions Den,

We may be able to help you. We have found that by lifting a Gotenna to a few hundred feet high on our tiny 0.7m3 Skyhook Helikite you get scores of miles of range and thousands of square miles coverage. Anyone in that area will get a signal and be able to contact you easily. Please see: or for a video etc.

Best regards,

Sandy Allsopp

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thinking about throwing on up on my rooftop deck in LP/Lakeview …