Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas


Hi, the family and I are relocating to the Charlotte area around Christmas and would love to link up with some active mesh users…maybe set something up so we can actually use them on a regular basis. Let me know if any of you exist. :slight_smile:



I bblaze! Welcome to North Carolina! I’m up in Raleigh trying to get others as well. I’ll try to send you a PM if I’m ever headed down your way.

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Thanks but I’m already from NC, just shifting to a different side of the state. But let me know if you are in that direction



Will do! The same if you’re ever in the Raleigh area. :slight_smile:

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Another downtown raleigh user here, but never heard any traffic.



I think I’ve identified the problem: 2 Raleigh users and 1 soon to be Charlotte user.

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@Jelmer I’m near Capital Square but unfortunately, my window points North.



Hi. just found this place. I am in Charlotte, nc near pineville. i am trying to find other folks interested in creating a mesh network here. Have any of you had luck in finding an organization or meetup group interested in doing this?



I can’t say that I have. That’s why I decided to look on here to if anyone else was hiding in plain sight.

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Reaching back out, one more time, to see if there is anyone else in or around Charlotte? I see a number of nodes on the map but would like to reach out to someone

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