Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina


Setting up a regional group for fellow meshers in Raleigh, Durham, RTP area. I’m working on a big field test in Umstead State Park either this month or next and I’d really like for anyone local to join up.

Please send a shout out here!


Hey Santiago,

I’m a Raleigh mesher. Interested to hear details of the field test. Will participate if I can.

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Hiya Keihin,

I’m still working out the details but I’m happy you’re interested. I’m still working on a date for this experiment.

Will a facebook group be the best way to keep in touch, or just on the forums?


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While it’s up to you all, we created the regional category on these forums so people can more easily discover each other here. We have found that lots of our users don’t have Facebook accounts and so that way we don’t leave anti-social media people out of the loop :slight_smile:


And we thank you for that.


The forum works for me. With the targeted e-mail summaries working as notifications, it’s pretty good at getting my attention. And I’m on FB as well, if we go that direction.

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I’m definitely game for keeping the Regional Group communications to this forum. I don’t use Facebook much and I think this connects with more like minded folks.

So far the Umstead Park event is on hold until weather cooperates. I have a few friends willing to volunteer for this and a few spare gotenna’s to allow folks to borrow. The more the merrier.

Once I get a good idea on a date I’ll be sure to post it here as soon as possible. If you or anyone ever happen to be traveling downtown Raleigh I keep my device running most weekdays. Send a shout. I’ll try to respond of I can. :slight_smile:

Update (3/16/2018): I haven’t forgotten about this plan. It’s just been so busy. But it’ll happen.

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I haven’t forgotten about this!

I’m hoping to plan an event out at Umstead State Park sometime in late September or early October. It will most likely be a Saturday. If anyone is in the Raleigh/Durham area, you’re invited. Actually, anyone is.

Once I get a more definitive date I’ll update the thread.

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Howdy! My first 2 arrived today and I’m interested in participating if you can get things going.


Awesome and welcome! I’m still trying to find a free weekend and there’s some repairs they’re doing at Umstead State Park that could delay this, but maybe we can figure something else out.

If you’re ever in downtown, send a few shouts. If I’m on in the office I try to keep it turned on by the window. :slight_smile:


I recently purchased 4 more units for a total of 6; which gives me an initial operating capacity to provide support for a small mesh in case of a situation, or an exercise.


Expecting to receive my devices today and thought I would toss out a date/time suggestion for an informal meetup / “test”.

I propose this Tuesday Feb 5th 4:30pm - 5:30 pm (21:30-22:30 UTC) meeting at the Umstead State Park Visitors center parking lot. https://goo.gl/maps/TvQGsozeNDG2

proposing Tuesday afternoon/evening as the weather forecast looks nice and weekends tend to be busy for folks.

Will this time/date work for anyone?


Welcome! Glad to see more Raleigh/Durham folks joining in!

I’d love to on Tuesday, but I can’t this week. I’d welcome a time where we can demo this!

Miguel / KF4UQL

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Not a problem.

Is there a day / time next week that would be better for you?

I am planning on going out to Umstead park this Tuesday anyway to spend some time on the hiking trails. If anyone else can make it I will be there.

Justin KE4PCX

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It may be next week before I can try something. The days keep filling fast.

If you’re around downtown Raleigh during the day near Capital Square between Wed-Friday put out a call. I usually leave mine on the window of my office listening, or at the least, meshing. :smiley:

I think Umstead would be a great place to do a big test of these units and hopefully we’ll be able to get something scheduled.

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I agree the Umstead Park should be a good place to test.

Let me know when you are available generally my schedule is flexible at the moment.



I apologize; I’m just seeing this. I work Tuesday through Saturday from 3-11. But I am available at other times for a test.


No worries.

Looking way into the future from today, the weather next Monday looks promising. Say 1pm local to give the air some time to warm up a bit.

Would anyone be interested in penciling in a test then?


I’m certainly interested.


@Hazelnut1968 Cool. I will block out the time on my calendar and will post an update if something comes up that changes my availability.

Justin ke4pcx

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