Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina


I can’t make it that Monday, but Iook forward to hearing how it goes!


@santiago2274, no problem. No intention to exclude you.

I am sure one or both will post some comments after.

When your schedule permits drop a post and let’s see if we can meet up also.

Justin ke4pcx


Don’t worry about me! I’m just happy to see more activity on the Raleigh/Durham end. I’m up for joining up one of these days! :smiley:


I sent both of you my contact info via PM.


Yesterday, Justin (KE4PCX) and I went to William B. Umstead State Park to experiment. Between the 2 of us, we had 10 nodes. Upon meeting, we decided upon a plan; I would station myself at the Visitor Center parking lot, and Justin would go to a point to be determined approximately 1.5 miles away. I would drive with him to the approximate halfway point and deploy relays during my walk back to the Visitor Center.

We remained in excellent contact during the deployment. From my sending my location, Justin realized I had taken a wrong turn and that I was nearly 0.9 miles off course. We were also using GMRS as a backup.

The terrain was heavily wooded with plenty of hills and valleys. The goTennas performed much more robustly in that environment than I had expected. After 7 relays were deployed, Justin and I were able to communicate at a distance of 1.9 miles through the woods and terrain, variously using 3 to 5 skips. We were also able to SHOUT at each other effectively. At this distance, the GMRS backup radios were of no use.

Our final locations before teardown had me at “Location A” and Justin was at “Location B.” Relay locations are also on the map. All my additions to the map are approximate locations, but are sorta accurate.


Good summary of the test.

Thanks for coming out.


I was in the area again today and conducted a test using 3 units. While not a complete success the results are interesting.

I paired two units and positioned them at locations A and B in the map below. I then hiked to what I have labeled as the “Central Node” attempting to ping, message, send location data, and SHOUT to the units at locations A & B.


Central Node to Location B 1 mile separation and 46 foot elevation advantage to the central node.
This link was a complete success every ping, message, location and shout was received and where appropriate acknowledged.

Central node to Location A 2 mile seperation and 60 foot elevation advantage at the Central node.
From the perspective of the central node was 100% failure. However on picking up the node I found it had logged two (2) of the pings sent from the Central node.

With some location adjustments to Location A and Central node we may be able to span a 3 mile distance between the two primary parking locations at this state park.


Awesome experiment! I wish I was available to have participated today.