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Brooklyn, New York

Hi! I just received my first two goTenna Mesh units (okay, I guess one is my husband’s :wink:) and I’m looking forward to finding other people in Brooklyn who are using them. We do a lot of trail running/hiking but are also interested in figuring out how they can be used in the city. I know the goTenna HQ is in (downtown?) Brooklyn, and on the map I see a whole bunch of units … especially in East Flatbush? What’s going on there? I’m in southwest Crown Heights.


Crown Heights, here… :nerd_face:


Crown/Prospect Heights here. And goTenna HQ is in downtown Brooklyn at Willoughby & Lawrence


We’re in Williamsburg!
I’ve been seeing how to put together a NY area test day, so we can use the emergency channel when everyone has their units on, and see how far a message can get…

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Oh cool! I’ve done plenty of shouting from my apartment windows (no responses) but I’d be up for a set day or day-and-time-window for testing.

Also, weekdays I work in a 31st floor office in the Manhattan financial district facing the East River and Brooklyn - that would potential have a good reach into a lot of Brooklyn.


I’m also curious about what’s going on in East Flatbush. I used to live in Flatbush and it was my favorite neighborhood I’ve ever lived in NYC.


I nominate @eamonabraham and @Rahul_Subramany to help us figure out a Brooklyn meshnet test :slight_smile:


@Rahul_Subramany & @eamonabraham Folks in LA are using Monday evenings (it seems to be an existing test time). I imagine a 1-2 hour window would be best.
But perhaps this “regional group” would be better if it were “NYC area” and not Just Brooklyn Our daughter goes to school in Manhattan, and I like the idea of coordinating pickup when comm is down.


I think we should start with a neighborhood or two first; start small then expand. :slight_smile:

Makes sense!
But the most populated path from me to GT hq is thru LES.
How do we collect more folks from the hood?

@Rahul_Subramany and @eamonabraham should have some suggestions by end of week to share

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Great! I’m excited. :grin:

Hello Brooklyn! @Rahul_Subramany and I have been talking about doing a Brooklyn Mesh Test. I wanted to check in with you all to get some input about the best way to go about this.

The basic idea here would be that at a predetermined time Rahul and I would walk around a certain area sending out shouts about with our location. If you receive the shout, shout back “Received” + your location. Or, if you’d rather not shout back, take note of which messages of ours you received and report back on here :wink:

As @Jones718 noted, there are a lot of nodes from Downtown BK across the bridge into the LES. But for this very first test I’d like to try keeping it just in Brooklyn.

From looking at the interactive node map and reading the comments on here, I think the best neighborhood to test first would be Crown/Prospect Heights. The area I’m thinking about is outlined here:

Of course it is possible that some of our shouts in that radius could be picked up by nodes in the surrounding neighborhoods so if you live in Park Slope, Bedstuy, Prospect-Lefferts or Brownsville this post is for you too.

I’m going to put a poll in a separate post so that we can vote on what time works best for people to be around.

We are open to any and all ideas and suggestion about how to make this the most useful and fun test it can be. Please respond in this thread, or send me a DM. And don’t forget to participate in the poll, immediately forthcoming.



  • Weeknight Evenings 7-9 pm
  • Saturday Mornings 10am -12 pm
  • Saturday Afternoons 12-2pm
  • Sunday Mornings 10am-12pm
  • Sunday Afternoons 12-2pm

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If none of these times are work for you, or if there is a time not-listed that you would prefer, please let us know that too.

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Before we decide on a specific neighborhood, I think we should hear from those who are reading where they are. For instance, downtown Brooklyn into LES might be more engaged than Crown Heights.

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I’m in Crown Heights (lower left corner of the green outline on @eamonabraham’s map).

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@Jones718 where are you?

We’re in Williamsburg.

Does anyone have access to a location with some elevation? Maybe one of us can get a room at the William Vale? :joy:

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That’s got to be the nerdiest date night idea ever!
I love it.

I can get on a 6th floor roof.
View mostly north & west (LIC & Manhattan) but a little towards bed study.