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Mesh network in Kansas?

Anyone interested in building gotenna mesh network in Kansas?

I’m in the Kansas City area. Let me know if I can help!

I wonder if we are the only few trying to do goTenna Mesh networking!


Any suggestions on how we might grow the mesh network in this area?
I have been trying to educate co-workers. One guy purchased 2 but rarely powers them on in the Gardner area.
I resorted to giving one away to another co-worker. He plans to use in an emergency.


I am also in the Kansas City area, but on the Kansas side.

Sorry for so many emails, all we got at the moment.

Do you ever leave a goTenna mesh device broadcasting? I frequently do. According to the goTenna app, my device is south near where I-35 and 435 intersect, close to College Blvd.

If you are ever in the area, please give it a try.

How do we get others involved in mesh networking?

I am in SE Colorado and would help in SW Kansas. We are 15 Miles from Kansas. Let me know How I can help.

Thank you!

The quick answer would be, “add more users” to the mesh network!

Any ideas on how to extend the range?

I purchased a few extra goTenna devices, but powering them automatically wouldbe a concern.