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Can't send or recive messages


I just got a pair of Mesh devices from the black friday sale.
I set them up on two iPhones and they are both running the same app version 5.3.2 Build 135 and the same firmware 1.1.12 and the same Region Europe, ITU 1.

I use random GID, both Pair fine but I am unable to send any text or pings either way, tried seperate them incase they scrambled eachother by being to close, still dosent work.

What am I doing wrong? And yes I checked the GID about 200 times.
I also tried Shout on both devices and that is not recieved either.

Have you tried restarting both the phones and devices? When you click the battery status, does the LED blink 3 times?

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Have BOTH devices been on when you were pairing to one of them? Remember you only want one device that is able to pair being powered up at a time. Turn on one device and one phone to pair with it at any time. Otherwise you risk having a unit paired to both (or neither.)

I have confirmed that they indeed are paired by clicking the battery status, they blink correspondently.
I have restared each phone and apps and mesh devices, still not working…really not what I was expecting… yes the other device was off when I paired them.

Very odd. Try unpairing them, then repairing them again, perhaps switching which device goes with each cellphone. If you’re still stuck, drop a line to Customer Service and see what they can do to assist you.