Install New Firmware

I bought a pair of goTenna Mesh. One of them will not pair. I can see it pop up on my phones bluetooth, but it won’t pair with the software. I’ve tried 4 different phones. Installed, re-installed the app, toggled bluetooth on all of them and got nothing. I’ve done some research on this and it seems like I need to re-install the firmware. Unfortunately, the one fix I found for this is done on an Mac (Apple) laptop. I don’t have one accusable. Does anyone know a way to re-install the firmware on the goTenna mesh, or another way to fix this device?

Does the light just keep flashing?

I had similar recently with both of mine after updating via the app when it prompted to update. Not sure if its the same problem so use at your own risk but I found this which has worked for mine - GoTenna Firmware Fix Failed Update - PingTurtle

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Thanks for the info. Yes, I tried this after I posted and it worked perfectly. It took a few attempts as a few of the transmissions failed, but it works as it should now.