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Firmware Update Error/Issues


Received my GTM gift from a raffle today I entered months ago lol… I was so excited to get started until the firmware update; now both of my NEW GTM are not working (flashing rapidly) I contacted support and they got back to me quickly… followed the directions they provided and thus now stuck in the latter statement. I recontacted support but its now after hours. I hope to have an update for you guys, but I also hope to see some community help on here. I do use Mac/ IOS and do not have access to windows, android Linux etc.

If the instructions they gave have things still stuck, they may have another suggestion or two, but sometimes only replacing a bad unit solves things. Try them again in the morning.

I am just waiting for them to die out, one post stated to let the battery drain fully and try again… still have not heard back after I replied to support, I will update if anything comes back and works

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The customer service is excellent and responsive. I’ve had similar issues and very happy with their support.

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Same thing happened to me, they sent me two new units

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My new GoTenna’s are on there way! Finally! I had a great experience with CS. Just took longer than expected to receive my tracking number for the ones they are sending me… I really wanted to use them on my backpacking trip in Mineral King, but unfortunately they did not work and I had to go through the motions for replacements. Hopefully these work… Fingers crossed.

Update: Received two units in a cardboard box and bubble wrap. No original box as I sent mine nor are they new. Was actually disappointed when I got them, as there are obvious signs of use.