Is support available?

Hi all

New user here and I have emailed goTenna support several times over the last couple of weeks but can’t get any response out of them. Is this company still a going concern? I got my devices 2 weeks ago, am based in the UK so was shipped maybe a month back.

My kit appears to be dead on arrival, similar issue to this:

Have done some basic diagnostics etc, can connect to the devices via the official app and the dev toolkit but the devices themselves cant communicate.

Any help on a fix or being able to contact support appreciated.


I think you need to be patient with CS right now. Remember that they’re in the center of the pandemic’s worst hit zone in the US.

That said, here’s a hopeful thread where someone was able to get their GTMs going based on some patient advice from me. Good luck!

We are available and responsive via

Regarding your pairing issue, check out our new video with an explanation on how to get your devices pairing again: