New Product Support Contact!


Hello goTenna friends! I’m Nate, the new Customer Experience Manager at goTenna.

I’m here to answer any questions you have or anything you want to discuss once you have your goTenna Mesh devices in hand. For product support and any specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at

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:dash: Welcome, Nate! :confetti_ball:


Welcome, welcome, welcome!


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Thank you for the review on your website. A 9.1! I think we did well!

We appreciate the feedback and feature ideas. This information is always taken into account as we grow the product.

Thank you again for the review!
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Welcome @Nate_Havens

@CSgaraglino That was a great review! I am copying my response here for wider audience.

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This is a very good, well thought-out and critical review. I have several GTM devices myself and have come to understand some of the shortfalls that you have highlighted here. I do however really appreciate what the device CAN do at this point. This is only V 2.0 (1st gen was not Mesh, only device to device).
I am also really excited to see what comes down the pipeline. There have already been successful blockchain transactions using Samurai Wallet and TxTenna, which is amazing and super underrated right now.
This is a very new and small market and there are a handful of companies trying to do similar things. Unfortunately these mesh networks work best with more connected devices, so my worry is that in competition, we could end up with different devices using different protocols, etc when it would work best to combine resources and work on a standard. Would be cool to eventually add something like this natively to cell phone hardware.


OK How do I see connected devices. How do I know anther device is within range?



There is not a way to view devices in range on a map or in the app itself as we are protecting the user’s privacy. You can use the shout function to deliver messages to nearby users.

You will see your connected goTenna on the main page in the app.



To be clear, you can only see the locations of other devices who have shared that info with you. You cannot see those of users who have not opted-in to sharing that info with you given privacy/security concerns. :slight_smile: