Any Product Managers for GoTenna here?

I was directed to contact you guys to see about getting 3D files of your products, or maybe just the GoTenna Mesh.

Specifically, I am looking for the 3D file used to prototype the product. I’m hoping you have the .obj file or the Maya, 3DS Max, Rhino or Solidworks file as I can work with any of those.

The reason is that I would like to prototype a modification to the design that includes a recessed slot of the size of a USB port so I can show Rodolfo of OpenDime and you guys at GoTenna that by having a product that can validate against the block chain (BTC, LTC, etc.) via mesh network with only one GoTenna Mesh connection to the internet, or a Hamm, FM, AM radio broadcast of the BlockStream Satellite is of extreme value. That value proposition is rooted in the concept of resilience and anti-fragility.

Thank you for your time.


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Hey David!

It already has a usb port on the side, are you wanting to plug in an external blockchain wallet, then transmit a code over the device? That’s a cool idea!


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Actually I’m thinking more along the lines of just being able to validate an OpenDime stick against the blockchain to confirm it had the amount of Bitcoin whoever is giving it to me says it has. I am not thinking about sending a transaction from the OpenDime via GoTenna as the act of handing me the stick, me confirming it has the amount the guy says it has and me giving him whatever in trade for the stick IS the transaction . . . if that makes sense.

This would be useful in countries with limited/no internet access or in countries whose governments are starting to get paranoid about the inevitable loss of monetary control and start doing stupid shit like heavily restricting internet access.


Hi @Nunya_Bidness I am the Product Manager for goTenna Mesh. Lets continue this conversation over DM.

How about just using a flexible extension with pass through connection if needed