goTenna Mesh community

Potential Group Buy Opportunity at for GTM

Meshers Unite…

There is an open Poll at (formerly MassDrop) for goTenna | goTenna Mesh. Let’s upvote the heck out of that thing, and see if we can get group buy pricing on the GTM. Good for goTenna, good for us, and good for the network. More nodes, more better!

Link to the vote page:

Mesh the Planet!!!

Isn’t the goTenna Mesh the one we need? the old style goTenna isn’t compatible with the new goTenna Mesh units, and they don’t make the old ones if I understand correctly.

Anyone else? I’m new to this stuff.

That’s correct…the mesh is the one you want to upvote. Both models are there though…both were on there already when I went to check for/add the mesh this morning. The mesh had 11 votes, so i figured why not highlight it on the forum…see if we can get some traction!

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