Black Friday Deal

Gotenna are offering us 30% off this weekend. I was thinking about getting a dedicated node here at home and perhaps one for the office. Is anyone interested in going in on an 8 pack with me? Each device would cost less than $51.

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I’d commit to buying 2 from an 8 pack. :slight_smile:


I’m good for two. Four left, then.

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If I can pay you using paypal, I’ll buy two.

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If you could pay the fees then that would be fine.

Perfect - I’m in. How will you handle shipping? Add postage to the price and mail ‘em to us?

Yes, I believe a small priority flat rate box is $7.15 in the U.S. (please be in the U.S.), so a pair will cost about $109.

Cool, whats your paypal address?

We need someone to commit to buying the last two devices before pulling the trigger. Once I place the order I can tell you the exact amount.

Just DM’d you my PayPal. Thanks.

If you still looking for someone I would like to get one for $109

@danielagotenna why did you unlist (hide) this thread? It’s a limited time offer and this board is full of backers that have supported Gotenna for a long time at non trivial expense. Picking up extra nodes before the holidays that may get into the hands of new users as gifts is only adding to our community and our evangelism for the product and mesh network mission.

@dbfish sorry it seemed like the OP found who they were looking for to split an 8-pack so I didn’t think it was useful for anyone else. That being said, good point: others could be looking for partners in this regard. Unhiding :slight_smile:

@danielagotenna awesome. Thanks for the reply.

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Thanks, Daniela. Yes, I found enough people to split the pack, but I’d still like to gauge interest in case someone flakes.

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Here’s a pro tip… all the Cyber Monday discount codes are valid through noon ET tomorrow (Tuesday) :wink:


This is an awesome deal, convinced hubby we’ll have use for more than 2 units, and until those extras get put into mobile service I intend to leave one on as an area relay (did I use the right name?) :slight_smile:


Such units are alternately referred to as: stationary relay nodes, relay nodes, Meshies, area relay, stationary nodes, fixed nodes, always-powered-on stationary relay nodes :wink:

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