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goTenna Product Manager is listening!

Hey guys! I’m Abe, the Product Manager for the goTenna Mesh.

I will be mostly active on the forum to get your opinions and feedback on how to improve everything related to our Mesh device, so please don’t hesitate to ping me with cool ideas and feedback! Furthermore, I will occasionally request your help with some surveys that will help us deliver a better experience to you!

Lastly, do not forget that for product support and any specific questions, you can contact us directly at

I wish you all a fantastic day, and keep Meshing!


Welcome Abe! Hope you can become an active participant in the user forums.


Hello Abe! I’m sure there’s a feature request for this already, but I would like to emphasise my desire for a feature to somehow ping a relay node for status, or at least somehow know which nodes help relay a message. I have a node mounted to a solar panel on an antenna over my house and it’s quite the pain to retrieve it and check it’s still powered on and in relay mode.


I would like software to be able to make a group and label it.


Welcome Abe! I’m new to GT. When will iOS app get an update?

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Welcome, Abe! Glad you’re here and happy to help with anything.

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My input, for whatever it’s worth:

  1. Add a “decay” for the Node Map. Many (most?) are no longer active, but there’s no way to know. If they decay - or allow others to report a missing node, it could improve accuracy.
  2. Allow a basic API for sending data. I have a remote air quality sensor - it’d be great to have it paired with a GoTenna so I could just send it a message, have the software receive the message - and reply with sensor data.
  3. Allow relays to be pinged directly for range testing - and possibly return back battery status (charging state, battery level).
  4. Allow easier pairing of multiple nodes to a single phone. I have one at work, one at home, one in my bag - it’d be nice to quickly switch between them and receive messages from any of them.
  5. Unsure of the technical/legal feasibility - but having a stationary radio made available that could sacrifice battery power and compactness in trade for a larger, directional antenna - or even a more powerful transmitter for those with a license.
  1. Ability to have a node auto-power on after reconnecting power.

Also I second @ImBrian 's requests:

  1. Allow us to interface with users on the Gotenna App with the SDK (i.e. not creating a walled garden for each SDK key and facilitate interoperability, see my other post). There are many interesting uses for Gotenna which are entirely precluded by prohibiting interoperability.
  2. Pinging remote nodes to get status: if we wanted to get reasonable Gotenna coverage of Seattle, we’d need many small solar powered nodes positioned around the city. If I set up 12 nodes, I need an easy way to make sure they’re working and check connectivity between them.
  3. Node map freshness – there are definitely nodes that haven’t been active in years on there.

HI Abe,

Thank you for asking. I think it would be cool if the gotenna can specify the distance (in miles) of the last message sent.


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Thank you very much. I will do my best and with your help we will strive to bring you a great experience.

I totally understand and i will add it to the backlog and see if such a feature is feasible in the short term. If possible, we will do our best to delight you.


Very interesting idea, I will add it to my backlog.


Very soon, hopefully by the end of the year. We will keep you guys posted!

Thanks for reaching out.

Thanks a lot. I will be sure to make use of this open invite!

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This is very interesting and we will have a look into it.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this. I will look into it and see how we can deliver a better experience to you all.

Hi Haj,

This is very interesting and it has been mentioned on the forum before. I will definitely look into its feasibility and how we could bring you this feature.


Hi Abe, nice to see you here!

Would really like to see landscape mode for the goTenna Mesh / consumer app. For those of use running chest/sternum phone holders.


Thanks a lot for sharing this. I will look into it this and see how we can deliver a better experience to you all.

Another thing I’d like to see would be an .stl model file of the devices themselves. This would allow community members to make higher quality mounts / cases, etc.