Investing in Gotenna’s next funding round

In the mesh spirit, might Gotenna consider allowing small investors to participte in their next funding round?
For example, I’ve invested in startups through

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I love the spirit behind this idea! That being said, I think I would rather have the community invest in building out the network itself in all your own communities — that’s where the real value is. This is about all of you, not about us. We are building a platform, defined by you, realized by you. :slight_smile:


Dang and darn🙂
Gotenna is a great product. I’m confident those you allow to invest will earn an excellent return!

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@danielagotenna With that said, do you have any plans to go back to Kickstarter or other crowd funding venues to fund the development of the next iteration of goTenna devices, or something related? That’s not the same as what @Robin would like, but… I have not yet read ALL the threads, or even all the ones on new features and such, so please forgive a newbie if you have already spelled all that out. :yum:

@henry_sheard We will probably always look to different crowd-sourced/community-based new product introductions as we always have. :slight_smile:

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