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If there’s a more appropriate place for this question I apologize… awhile back I watched a rather lengthy interview with @danielagotenna and two of the engineers. They were being interviewed by two tech industry contributors out of the interviewers’ office somewhere in NYC (Brooklyn?). I cannot remember the name of the group that interviewed them and for the life of me I cannot find the interview anymore. Can someone please help me identify and locate this interview?

I think you are referring to our Adafruit Ask an Engineer interviews!

We did one for v1 goTenna (non-meshing) in 2014:

And another one about goTenna Mesh in 2016:

@Raphael & @Jin_Gotenna are the stars as they are, respectively, our digital & analog/RF hardware whizzes. :slight_smile:

Yes, @danielagotenna thank you! While we’re here… I’m curious if there has been any new updates on making the hardware or the AspenGrove protocol open-source? Where I can read the latest?

I ask because I am trying to convince the Monero community that this is the best ad hoc mesh network tech out there so we can build off-grid transmission infrastructure for Monero, similar to TxTenna for Bitcoin. They are very adamant about open source everything and I don’t think I’ll be able to convince them unless there is a way to make this all open source.

The open source ethos of your engineers that is apparent in this interview is encouraging, but I definitely will need more to convince the Monero crowd to take this on. I am not a developer, I’m more of an organizer, but Monero has had several hundred devs contribute to their code so I figure I might be able to find a handful if this seems promising to them…