goTenna app 4.1 is here for iOS & Android! Update now :)

We’ve been hard at work refining the goTenna app experience. Our newest release (4.1) offers a new and improved chat screen, Sending & receiving messages is better than ever thanks to a brand-new chat screen, improving legibility and including a brand-new meshing animation.

Our support for CE phone numbers is now fully functional and the goTenna app now supports the ability for goTenna Mesh users in the 35+ countries that fall under CE regulations. For a list of countries supported, click here. Please note that Mesh will automatically tune to the right frequencies and power based on the GPS in your phone. (If you are in an area where goTenna Mesh does not have certification, your devices will default to U.S./FCC settings.)

Given how popular setting up stationary relay nodes has been, we created a specialized Relay Mode — now a special button sequence on your goTenna Mesh hardware makes this much easier. As many of you already know, you can increase coverage in your mesh network by dedicating goTenna Mesh devices as stationary relay nodes (unpaired to a phone).

Otherwise 4.1 also includes various bug fixes and improvements — many based on feedback you have been sharing with us. Thanks for your help.

Update your goTenna app today — visit the App Store or Play Store — and let me @michaelryap know what you think of 4.1!


We are still working through a few bugs on iOS. The holiday edition of the app (forthcoming 4.2), scheduled to release before Thanksgiving will address all of these — and bring other total UI rehauls. Here is a brief list of known issues in iOS 4.1 though just in case you run into them, know we are aware of them and working on them presently:

  1. Automatic location sharing shares wrong/outdated location data
  2. Pairing issues during onboarding. This can be resolved by turning ON bluetooth before starting the onboarding process.
  3. Chat screen refreshes twice when sending Pvt. 1-to-1 messages
  4. Minor UI issues on the chat screen.

Thank you for your patience!


Congrats on the new release! Looks like a pretty large firmware update, and takes quite a long time to complete… but it gets there :slight_smile:

One quick question: I have four GoTenna Mesh units, two are currently paired, two are not. Is there any way to get those unpaired units upgraded as relay nodes without going through the pairing process? I have not found a way yet. One suggestion would be to add a “Firmware Upgrade” entry in the settings menu that would detect units that are not upgraded but turned on, and launch an upgrade? This would avoid a 10+ minute process at first pairing, or going through a tedious unpair current unit/pair new one/upgrade/unpair new one/re-pair old unit process… Thoughts?

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First 80085 updated fine. Disconnected it and connected to next mesh. Second is frozen at 31%; what should I do? (yes it has been plugged in)

Should I get a hammer and tap on my iPhone? It’s stuck :rofl:


Can you force kill the app and restart?

This is an interesting idea. I will explore this further.
The current app allows you to easily pair/repair to a goTenna Mesh. You don’t loose any of your app data when you pair/re-pair.


Relaunched, firmware update came up. Location cannot be determined popped up and will not go away. App is locked. Reboot phone?

iPhone is a MF797LL/A running 10.3.3 (14G60)

Can you try clicking ‘OK’ on the location cannot be determined pop up?

OK and Settings has no response. Other apps are working.

I guess the NSA gave my phone back, was able to update after random do nothings! (power off, power on phone and devises, and stood on one foot)



A couple of things I’ve noticed. On Android, both on a Nexus 6 on 7.0.1 and Pixel XL on 8.0, the firmware update popup with the 3 buttons “later”, “update” and another one I can’t remember, stays on top after the update is done, and the “firmware update done” message pops under it so it’s obscured, so it may confuse people. If you tap on “update” again (there is no “cancel”), instead of the app checking that the goTenna already has the latest firmware, it just does the whole update again.

Also a minor issue on the new hop number indicator. Before, the number of jumps was indicated by little curved arrows. One hop was one arrow, two hops (one relay) was 2 arrows, etc. Now it appears that one hop is one circle, while 2 hops is 3 circles? Why circles, BTW? Arrows were clearer and more intuitive IMO.

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RE: Contacts
When you update the app to the upcoming “holiday edition 4.2”, it would be nice to provide an option to either connect or not to connect our phone contacts to the goTenna contact page. And, if its decide not to import the contacts, please stop the "Contacts are disabled" warning page from being displayed each time we move in/out, add/delete, etc a contact. I personally don’t want my goTenna contact page filled with hundreds of contacts that may never (unfortunately) use a goTenna unit. We are currently using GID numbers, so the phone numbers are not relevant. Thank you.

I had that same experience and I thought there had been an update problem so I hit the update again. The second time I realized the message was just stuck there. Moto G4 plus Android 7.0 in case that matters.

EDIT: It’s worse then I thought. I am getting a succesful update notice everytime I open the app!

Good suggestion. We will add a button to disable the pop up for good.

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@giqcass we have tested extensively on the Moto G4. Can you force kill the app and see if this problem persists?

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I finally got it to stop popping up. I don’t know for sure but I suspect it was a reboot of the phone that finally stopped it.

EDIT: Just for reference it was a notification in the notification bar that kept returning when I reopened the app and not the other pop up message andy_o was referring to. I have not updated my other Gotenna mesh so we will see how that one goes.

@giqcass glad you were able to get this to stop… We will do more testing to try & reproduce this issue.


I’m certainly not as sharp on the tech aspects as others here, but I just checked, and found my Samsung Galaxy S8 Active phone running Android 7.0 has app version 4.1.1 installed, yet I’ve seen no mention here of that version of the app. (I’m presuming mention here is for version 4.1.0). This is after selecting “Settings/Apps/App Info/goTenna” to check the version. Frankly, I don’t recall doing anything to get the update.
Am I looking in the wrong place?

With what seems to be the latest version of the app installed, what I don’t know is how to check the FW in the goTenna itself and update that if necessary? Currently choosing “Settings/About” shows FW version is 0.I3.46. Is there a newer version I should be using? Can someone please point me to instructions to do that?



Here are the release notes for 4.1.1:

  • We’ve made changes to the app to meet new guidelines set by the phone number verification service we use.

As you can tell, this was a minor update to fix a back end issue.

The app automatically checks and makes sure that you have the latest FW. If there is an optional update available, the app will alert you to this. You can also check for optional updates via Side Menu → Settings → About. You will see an ‘Update Available’ button here.
Always make sure that you have the latest version of the goTenna app.

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