goTenna Mesh Road Map Update 2022

Thank you all for your continued contributions and participation in the goTenna Mesh community. The suggestions that have been made on this forum are truly valuable and are all being considered in our 2022 road map.

The past two years have been filled with twists and turns, which our team has been working very hard to navigate. We have managed to make significant strides with the worldwide adoption of goTenna Pro and we are using this momentum to help us focus our resources on goTenna Mesh this year.

Here are some highlights of what you can expect for goTenna Mesh:

  • All goTenna Mesh devices in stock now and in the future will come with firmware version 1.1.8 or greater to ensure there are no firmware/bluetooth update issues.

  • We plan on being fully stocked in all goTenna Mesh colors by the end of April, 2022 as we overcome global chip shortages.

  • We are targeting a new goTenna Mesh App release by the end of 2022 which will address several of the bugs that have been brought up on this forum and include some enhancements. This version will have a new and more stable codebase that will allow us to address issues and add updates much more quickly than we have in the past.

Please feel free to comment on this post with any feature requests, comments, or concerns. As always, we are here to receive your inquiries at


End of 2022 seems like a long time off. At least for iOS, the last update that actually changed/fixed anything was over a year ago. It’s nice that someone is planning to work on the app. I would have hoped someone had been doing so for the last year and made real progress.

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Thanks for the update ~ more frequent communication is welcome and builds trust. Hope to hear how things are progressing. Keep moving forward!

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