Sign up to beta test the goTenna Mesh 5.0 release!

Hello Mesh Community!

As we prepare for our upcoming goTenna Mesh 5.0 app (+ firmware & protocol) release, the time has come for us to prepare for external beta testing.

We’re lucky to have lots of Mesh aficionados here on Mesh Community — many of you have beta tested for us in the past and found critical bugs and provided really constructive feedback for us. We’re looking to recruit 10-12 beta testers who can help us refine 5.0 prior to public release!

Beta testing for 5.0 will include:

  • Testing in various environments.
  • Testing more mesh hops! (Excitingggg.)
  • Providing in-depth and robust feedback on your test experiences.
  • Providing feedback on our new app UI.
  • Providing photos of your test setup/endeavors when possible.

It would be great if you had:

  • At least 4-6 devices & ideally at least 3-4 fellow Meshers (i.e. people) to test with.
  • An ability to test across both iOS and Android devices (though just one OS is fine).
  • Outdoor/travel plans for late April/May OR easy everyday access to various environments (outdoors, urban, suburban, etc.).

If you’re interested in beta testing Mesh 5.0 please fill out the survey here. We’ll begin review and selecting testers immediately so submit your beta testing application ASAP! :slight_smile:


This is a BIG one, guys! Getting early access to the major revamp and increased hops is kinda killer. Plus: you can help us make something great even better. :slight_smile:


Sent in my application for the beta test. Hope I get picked! :crossed_fingers:t4:

Any chance this update will include the ability for the gotenna mesh device to auto restart after the battery is temporarily depleted then recharged the following day via solar?


I would also like to see this feature.


This requires a hardware change so it’s coming but not in the 5.0 app release and instead in a new rev of the board in future Mesh devices


I have a couple questions. For beta testing, do all Mesh devices (relays) need a firmware update to perform testing or just the endpoint (paired) devices? Once the beta test is complete, will all devices be able to go back to mainstream code?


I’m pretty sure all devices will need the update, because the expansion of hops available would require all nodes to be capable of handling the higher hop count .

It may be that legacy firmware can coexist and the new is backwards compatible with the old, but without the update units lacking it would not be able to utilize the mesh network improvements in the firmware. The stationary node improvements must incorporate the new in order to fully implement the stationary node monitoring and control scheme capabilities it is suggested the new firmware makes possible.


All devices would need the beta update. I’ll find out more about returning to firmware 0.13.48 and let you know. My instinct is that the devices would remain on new firmware.


Yes please! :grin: I’ve been away for awhile and just checking back for new info because will be presenting goTenna to a CERT and HAM group in about an hour. :slight_smile:

Filled out survey.



I signed up! LETS DO THIS!!!


Again @ShootAnyAngle you and I are on the same page! How have you been my friend?


Survey submitted. Let’s get these babies mainstream!


I’m doing great! Thanks for asking. :+1:t4: Planning to modify at least one more gotenna mesh to have external antenna. How about yourself?

The weather has broken Here in nevada. I put up my solar DRS. I have filled out the form. I would go back up there if BETA test goes through…

Its a 4 mile hike, 2000 ft up off the valley floor.

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^ this is why we need Relay specific nodes. ^
Built to different specs, replaceable battery or just an external battery connector.

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Has beta testing for 5.0 begun yet?

It hasn’t! If haven’t already applied, you can do so here!

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Will this update actually resolve the Android issue where Gotenna keeps getting closed on Android?

This is an Android OS feature. You can prevent the app kills by turning off battery optimization for the goTenna App.

With the 5.0 update, we’ll be updating the bluetooth stack so if, for some reason, you do get disconnected, you’ll reconnect faster!



This isn’t the Android Feature. I worked with Rahul a while back who confirmed and found the bug I reference.

I have battery optimization off for Gotenna and it still happen. The bug wasn’t fixed in the past 2 but supposedly it was going to be fixed soon.