goTenna Needs Your Help!

Hello everyone!
We have a special request and we’re hoping you can help. First, thank you for your participation within the Mesh Community and helping us shape our goTenna Mesh product. With your insight and feedback, we’ve evolved goTenna Mesh into the revolutionary technology that it is today.

We all know first hand that getting more Mesh devices out there makes an immense impact when it comes to expanding the Mesh Network. This is where you come in. If you ordered your goTenna Mesh from either or, you have the ability to HUGELY influence the expansion of the people-powered Network. If you could, please take the time to leave us a product review. Sharing your experiences with those considering goTenna Mesh will help them make the critical decision to purchase.

We’re deeply appreciative of our dedicated user base here on Mesh Community; we’re humbled everyday through our interactions with all of you. Please take the time to leave us a product review and let’s Mesh the world!

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Thank you!


The goTenna Team