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No Response from Support

Good evening, can anyone tell me why support does not respond to requests for further information and further purchases? SO disappointed with this company

Same here. Absolutely no response to email and no number to contact for customer service. Hope they go out of business with the way they treat customers

Hi Justin, our team was a bit scaled back during Christmas/New Years. But we are back to full force. Please let us know if we can further assist in any way at

Hi Gotenna. same problem for me : I sent 3 messages, I need 40 gotenna Mesh, but nobody answer to my emails. Is it still possible to order Mesh ?

Hi, could you please try emailing us again at You can message me your email privately as well and we will get back to you directly.

We are experiencing supply shortages currently. You can read a detailed description on that here: Mesh waitlist and price increase - #2 by mert.