Firmware Brick - Support Response Time?

Hi Everyone, new user but a long time lurker. My GoTenna Mesh bricked during my firmware upgrade over the weekend. I followed various guides attempting to unpair and re-pair between iOS and Android phones with no luck. I also tried nRF Connect/Toolbox to no avail. The “DFUTarg” would appear and disappear way too quickly to connect and upload the firmware.

Long story long, I need support from GoTenna, and sent them an email Tuesday morning 11/19 and aside from an automated response with ticket number, haven’t heard back in 3 business days. I was under the assumption that GoTenna usually has a 24 hour human response time, has something changed? I was hoping to FINALLY use the Mesh during our Thanksgiving trip, but the turn-around time is making me think it is not possible.

Seeking some guidance on turn-around time for the widespread “firmware upgrade brick” problem!

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Reply time can vary. Gotenna is a fairly small outfit. I’d send another email at this point, perhaps the first ended up misrouted.

Thanks @MikeL! I heard back from them this morning (4 business days). Slow and steady and not being stuck with a bricked mesh is what I’m hoping for at this point!