GoTenna will not re-connect

Ok so this is a bug of some form I am sure.

I leave my unit on all the time and charge it over-night each night.

Sometime in the last 48 hours (asI was testing the unit Tuesday night), I lost the connection between the app and my GoTenna unit (probably I went out of bluethooth range).

I realized this when my brother mentioned he managed to ping me several times this AM and they got through.

I looked in the app and indeed I was not connected and I recalled a discussion I read yesterday that a disconnected GoTenna will store messages for its GID till the application re-connects.

However, my unit will not reconnect. It just shows looking for device but never stops trying.

Tried re-starting the app and re-started the phone.

I am sure if I turn off the GoTenna and then turn it back on it will connect but I am also equally as sure the messages will be lost.

So before I reset the Gotenna and things I should try or check for the benefit of diagnosing the problem?

Sounds like a bug, What model phone and version of OS? I’ve never had this happen - well one time I thought it happened but the gotenna had died faster than expected due to lots of testing, I plugged it in and turned it back on and it paired immediately. It should store messages between power off’s, I believe.

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@Firqby Can you try one more thing-
From the side menu, click settings->Unpair goTenna and follow the instructions on screen to try & re-pair to a goTenna Mesh.

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@Rahul_Subramany well the unpair and re-pair did not work. The GoTenna belived itself to be connected to my phone and so my phone was looking for a phone to pair with but did not find the GoTenna.

The good news is @dbfish is correct and messages were still stored after I powered the GoTenna off and back on which allowed re-pairing.

I think the biggest issue is that I never knew I was not connected.

FYI I am on an iPhone 6s running the latest iOS 10.3.3 (14G60)

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@Firqby glad you were able to recover messages.
We have run over night tests with an iPhone 6s connected to goTenna Mesh. Did not encounter this issue before. I will try this out again. Let me know if you learn anything new.

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Yes the messages came in after the reset of the GoTenna and the re-pairing.

Can’t be certain why the unit got to the state it did but if I had to guess based on its behavior the unit firmly believed it was connected to the phone (i.e. it was not in a pairing state and ignored a phone trying to pair) but was functional and taking messages for my GID.

I just had the same issue. I left my Mesh on overnight and turned off Bluetooth on my phone. This morning I went to pair the devices again and they would not pair. I tried turning on and off Bluetooth on my phone and turning the Mesh on and off. Nothing worked. I finally had to turn off the Mesh and log out of the goTenna app to get it working again. This was really annoying because I had to go back though all the setup steps in the app again. (Moto G4 Play, Android 6.0.1, app version 4.0.1)

@JCH we are looking into this.
If this happens to you again, can you see if you can recover by just restarting goTenna Mesh? If that doesn’t work, go into Settings -> Unpair goTenna and follow instructions.
No need to logout of the app.

@JCH @Firqby thanks for sharing this with us. thanks for sharing this with us. I should note that Rahul just told me that as of yet we are unable to successfully reproduce any of these issues. We have a Moto G4 phone and it seems to work fine. Bluetooth can be something of a pain in the butt though so thanks for your continued reports!

(edit: corrected a typo)

Thanks for the reply. I did try going into Settings and unpaired the device, but that didn’t fix the issue. I actually tried this a couple of times and the white light on the Mesh just blinked in <1 sec. intervals. The only thing that finally got it to work was logging out of the app.

@danielagotenna @Rahul_Subramany ok so I did some testing and I think this is what is going on.

A phone and GoTenna unit loose blutooth connection (for any normal reason like being out of range).

At some point, the GoTenna stops blinking and either at that moment and or later stops being in the pairing available state.

The phone comes back into range and or resolves the bluetooth issue which disrupted the connection and the phone starts looking for the unit however the GoTenna is no longer listening for connections.

The unpair unit in my office which we leave in the window was on and I had unpaired from my normal GoTenna and powered it off with the specific idea of pairing with the office unit (to test setting a random GID on that unit).

However, that unit would not pair or be seen by the phone just like my unit the other day. Once power was cycled on the office unit then all was as you would expect.

So I do not think it is a bug as much as a design reality.

Simply put after so long a unit powered on stops trying to pair and hence is not reachable till placed back in pairing mode by cycling the power.

@Firqby We shut off the LED after 5 minutes to save power. As per the current design, the goTenna Mesh will continue to listen for a connection request from your phone.
What you are encountering does sound like a bug.

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@Rahul_Subramany well then the bug is in the GoTenna. The Unit acts normally and operates as expected (passing messages and storing messages) it just will not talk to any phone or device looking to pair or re-connect.

I would need some software to sniff the bluetooth conversation to see what the phone is doing and what the GoTenna is saying or not saying back.

You can induce the error by leaving a GoTenna unit unpaired & powered for 6 to 24 hours.

This is probably a goTenna related bug. I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.,

Left a paired Mesh device on my desk overnight. It connected right back to my iPhone 6s, when I came into work this morning. Will try the same over the weekend as well.

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Reconnecting when I got back in range worked fine for me with an iPhone 7 that I left unpaired overnight as well.

@Rahul_Subramany may be worth also testing this configuration if we have it at the office given @JCH’s setup: Moto G4 Play, Android 6.0.1, app version 4.0.1

@danielagotenna @Rahul_Subramany
I think I figured out what is going on, but I don’t know why it’s happening. I encountered the same problem that I mentioned in my earlier post, but this time I went out of range while I was at work. When I came back I could not pair the devices. I let it try to connect for quite a bit longer, probably about 5 minutes, before a pop-up screen showed up asking me to turn on my location. I enabled GPS and it paired almost instantly. I don’t like leaving my GPS enabled all the time, so I turned it off after the devices paired and they are still connected.

@JCH Android unfortunately requires GPS to be on for BTLE. Thanks for finding this info. Very helpful.

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