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App disconnection Issue

My recent dive back into the Mesh world has reminded me why I lost my fascination with these devices a year ago.

We are using a mix of iOS devices, myself an iPod Touch and an iPhone SE, and my primary contact is using an iPhone 8. We’ve noticed that leaving the Mesh unit on and connected to the phone overnight results in the phone disconnecting after several hours. The only way I’ve found so far to keep them connected is to lock the phone screen with the goTenna app active. Even on my iPod Touch, where the only running app is goTenna, if I lock the device at the home screen, it will disconnect overnight, but stays connected if I leave the goTenna app open and lock the screen. And as for using the phone, the iPhone 8 will disconnect the goTenna Mesh after so many other apps are opened (mine likely will, too, but I only have a few apps on my phone).

I realize that this is more of an iOS issue than goTenna, but my theory is that this is related to how the phone handles different categories of apps. For instance, I use Telegram with the same contact and it will stay active in the background no matter how many apps they or I stack on top if it. Looking at the categories, Telegram is listed under Social Networking in the app store, whereas goTenna is under Lifestyle. Perhaps if goTenna was re-classified as Social Networking, then iOS will keep an active connection to the goTenna device? Looking around at other messaging apps on the app store, nearly all of them are classified as Social Networking as well.

@danielagotenna, thoughts?

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This should be fixable with a simple update to the GoTenna app. Or possibly also a firmware update to the GoTenna Mesh.

I’ve also had issues with my GoTenna not reconnecting to my iPhone when briefly going out of Bluetooth range followed by going back within range.

What concerns me more is the fact that it’s been a year since the app has been updated.

Hope they fix it soon.

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This has been my experience. I haven’t had problems except when I know that I got out of Bluetooth range, but when I do, it’s probably less than 50/50 that it is able to reconnect on it’s own.

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