Long term powered mesh and phone

Hi gotenna,
what should be the default behavior with the mesh unit and mesh app when both are powered long term? should they not also stay connected as long as the power flows?

I have a relay node that I check for activity every couple weeks. the phone app has always somehow disconnected and I need to go bring the phone very close, press the mesh button 1-2x, and then the phone and mesh resync and it starts working again. the distance that the phone and mesh sit apart seems to be OK when they have freshly linked up.

is this normal? again both the mesh and phone are on constant power and the phone is entirely idle.

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That sounds similar to an issue that was reported previously. Do you have the latest app version and firmware? Are you running Android?

Something else that may help is keeping the Gotenna app in the foreground.

EDIT: All group messages and direct messages will be stored on the Gotenna so you won’t miss any when you restore the Bluetooth connection. It isn’t necessary to keep a phone connected to the Gotenna. All relay functions will work without a phone. Shout messages will not be stored.

If you are on Android v8.1 I’d recommend going into Settings -> Battery then click on the menu (3 vertical dots on the right) “Battery Optimization” and set the following apps to “Not Optimized”

Bluetooth MIDI Service

This seems to help with maintaining a connection while in range. I still find if my phone goes out of range from the gotenna and comes back in range I still manually have to start the app and select the menu to reconnect. The only reason I went down this path is I was having problems with a Bose QC35 and needed to set the bluetooth apps to not optimized to get them working together.

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great, I’ll try this out. target phones are various vanilla Nexus phones doing nothing but running the app.

seems to work! my powered phone stayed connected in the app.

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