Android battery drain, how to properly "close" app after use?

Hey guys,

I just fired up my GoTenna Mesh units after several months, updated to the latest firmware and app (4.2). I’m on a Pixel 2 XL on Android 8.1, and also got a Nexus 6 (7.1.1), Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1), and iPhone SE (iOS 11.3). My Android devices are draining battery on idle after turning off the GoTennas, presumably because the app is trying to re-pair indefinitely.

If I remember correctly it’s happened before too, but I used to stop it by swiping the app off the Recent Apps list, effectively kicking it out of memory. But now when I do that, the app seems to re-start itself, and location access gets turned on (my GPS indicator stays on all the time) without timing out. I have to open the app, and press the back button out of it, in order for location access to turn off. But then the app wants to re-pair with the GoTenna again. The only way to stop this is to force-close the app.

I’ve noticed this, too. One change that dramatically improved runtime was changing location settings to device only via networks, effectively turning off the GPS without totally killing location (turning location services off prevented my goTenna from connecting).

After I turn off my Mesh unit, shutting off Bluetooth also helps curb power consumption by forcing the app idle.

I’m hoping that the new release offers more control of location settings, allowing the app to function solely as chat without any location activity and not checking the region as often. I get prompts all the time that it defaulted to US because it doesn’t know where I’m at. Maybe have the app check the region when messages won’t go through or when system time zone changes instead of at every app launch.