Battery Life of IOS when using Mesh

I’m not in the woods so still have all other services turned on, but I’ve noticed a significant drop in the battery life. I can see that the GoTenna App is running heavily in the background… which I guess it has to, and so my battery is lasting 8-9 hours rather than the more usual 16-18 hours.

I’m using iPhone 7 with the latest IOS 11 beta so I can also understand if it’s a buglet with 11.


If you’re not actively sharing location with another party, you can disable location services in iOS settings for the app. Gotenna keeps gps active which draws some amount of battery. There is also a setting for GPS in the GoTenna app to only update position every X minutes. However beta iOS is likely a contributor in your case.

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@Guy I often find that the primary reason for battery drain while using goTenna Mesh, is the amount of time my phone’s display stays on.
You can check usage across your apps within your phone’s Settings->Battery Usage
Click on the clock icon to see how much time your display was ON while using the goTenna app.

@dbfish recommendations above can help further reduce battery consumption.

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Hi All,

The most recent Beta of IOS has restored my battery life to near normal and the only change was starting to use GoTenna. Looking at the battery usage I can see in the last 7 days, 21mins on screen and 12.2hr in background. Now 7 days is a little generous as I only got the radios 2 days ago :smile:

I’ve turned off GPS in the Settings for GoTenna and we’ll see how that goes today. For me in the app I would like to say No to auto GPS and then just respond to friend requests for current location rather than having it always sending GPS location.

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The app never auto-sends GPS unless you are using Gotenna Plus and turn on Location Tethering. It simply uses GPS to show your current position on your own map (like Google Maps would), or send it in a message on your command, but to have that position ready and accurate, the device GPS is constantly used. However unless you are actively sharing your location or tracking it on the map, it’s not needed (except during first sign-on where it uses GPS to determine which region setting to set up with).


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