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Testnet Application ID?

Hi, this is Alec from ESP32GTM, with a quick question for goTenna support.

Is there an official, dedicated “testnet” app ID in the goTenna Mesh protocol that can be shared freely by multiple developers working on new formats, protocols etc, without having to worry about interfering with other people’s traffic?

Thank you

Hey Alec,

Please forward your question to us at


Hi, I’m back, and having not received any resolution from goTenna support after 10 days, I’m readdressing the question to the community instead.

Personally I like the number 0x7357 (leetspeak for “TEST”) which is traditionally used to indicate test endpoints and environments. Absent any objections from the community, I intend to start using it as a public testnet for Mesh development starting 5th October 2020 and I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is anybody currently using AppID 0x7357 in a production context?
  2. Any other objections to making AppID 0x7357 a goTenna Mesh testnet?

Thank you.