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You got me thinking about it. Maybe time to dust off my coding skills. By the way I hate to be a nit picker here but what is a ??

It looks like someone has a few typos in the meta section of the webpage. I guess I got my debugging hat on already.

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@giqcass fixing the typo!:mask:
What are thinking about developing?

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I have had a lot of different thoughts. I was thinking for a long time now about a plug in for Tasker on Android. I am considering other ideas like an auto response app to help with node testing and an app that would allow an APRS bridge. For now I just need to do some studying since I haven’t coded for Android in a VERY long time. I need to look at the legal feasibility of the APRS bridge. A few people built SMS gateways to APRS so that will give me a little guidance in that area.

EDIT: Whatever I do I would like to put a module in it for a short code(brevity code) library to preserve bandwidth.


Are there any reserved GIDs other then the shout GID and emergency GID?
Am I correct that the GID could be Alphanumeric in my own project?

No. These are the only 2 reserved GIDs

No. GIDs can only be numeric.

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Thanks @Rahul_Subramany !

I have not got very far yet.
I set up the work environment. Android studio
Downloaded the Git repository.
Created a new Android project.
Deleted project. Oops, Needed API for 4.3.
Did it again with the correct API.
Imported The Gotenna SDK.
Added Bluetooth permission to my manifest.
Got tired.
Posted here…

Yet to do:
Go to bed.


If any developer here is interested in building a bitcoin application, I have an idea and would love to discuss it with someone. Please DM me.

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So far I have grabbed some info from messages and passed them to toast notifications. I’m messing around with message parsing with the intention of passing messages along in other forms. Right now I’m reading through the sample code to get a better idea of how things work. It looks like the first app I’m going to build is an autoresponder for testing purposes. That way I can leave a second device on in the background well I’m testing. Then I won’t have to mess with two devices well I’m testing.


If you have an idea to build apps using the goTenna SDK, it’s not too late to join the goTenna Mesh SDK challenge! Many of you have expressed interest in the challenge but needed a bit more time to polish your apps, so we have decided to extend the submission deadline until May 31st.:grinning:


I’m glad you extended it but I wish I wouldn’t have found out. lol I work better under pressure. :grinning:

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Stupid question:

How exactly do you enter the competition? I’ve entered my name, affiliation, and email, but once you do that it just thanks me without asking for any other information (you know, like what App I’m entering…).


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Good question! You fill out the form and then you share about your app on Mesh Community. Can be in this thread or you can start a dedicated thread about your app, just make sure to file it under the “SDK Zone” category. :slight_smile:


Hi all, any other apps in development? :slight_smile:

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Hi all - first let me introduce myself. My name is Austin Vance and I recently joined goTenna to help lead marketing!

I’m excited to interact with all of you, and want to let you know that we’re extending the SDK contest deadline to August 13th, 2018 to allow more time for great ideas to become great apps!

Here is the link to enter our SDK challenge:

Good luck!


We have some exciting news!

I’m delighted to announce the winners of the goTenna SDK challenge! Thank you to everyone who entered, we’re always excited to see the incredible works members of the Mesh Community create. Without further adieu, it’s my pleasure to congratulate our winners.

First place winner, and recipient of $1,500 and a Mesh 4 Pack, is @Pete94 ! Pete created the iOS toolkit app. You can learn more about his app in the iOS Toolkit App thread.

Second place winner, and recipient of $1,000 and a Mesh 4 Pack, is @GliderBen! Ben created an app which can be used by glider pilots, in flight! You can learn more about Ben’s entry on the GliderLink thread.

Thank you for submitting these incredible projects and sharing them with the Mesh Community!

Join me in congratulating our winners! :confetti_ball: :tada:


Awesome! Thank you, goTenna!


Much deserved and very promising development work!


Hi goTenna, thank you!

Also, thank you for the goTenna platform which I think is a great product and I have really enjoyed being able to interact with it using the SDK.


congrats to both applicants!